GNU/Linux & Video Editing – Computerphile

GNU/Linux & Video Editing – Computerphile

Rob Miles talks editing with GNU/Linux & free software.

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This video was filmed and edited by Sean Riley.

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  1. i find the gui of today adobe premiere like editors difficult… when i was a kid i got used to ulead media studio 6.5 (that Lego style timeline is brilliant). is there an editor that got the timeline you can glue and read in that clear way today?

  2. Come on admit it, video editing on Linux is all about anger management : when OpenShot/PiTivi/Kdnlive crash or becomes unresponsive the only thing you want to do is beat the sh!t out of your machine but you’re a well educated nerd so you don’t smash anything , but you’re dying inside!

  3. This is nothing at all about video editing lol, this is just a chat about linux. It’s cool, but you should definitely change the title.

  4. who starts with ubuntu??? i started with knoppix cuz at the time i think it was the only linux distro that would run as live cd

  5. "Because everyone starts with Ubuntu"… unless you started using Linux well before 2004. Thanks for making me feel my age, Rob 🙂

  6. getting rid of annotations sad times? getting rid of annotations is the single best thing they’ve done to youtube.

  7. I use Linux for all of my video editing. My preferred editor right now is Lightworks Pro. Did use Kdenlive for 2 years however and loved it.

  8. I installed the first linux distro as the second OS for my brother who is studying programming at school and needed gcc and the terminal to "emulate" better what he was doing there … it was Ubuntu 17.10, after 3 hours I found myself thinkering with the OS because stuff randomly didn’t worked … after 2 days in wich the computer was almost unusable for my brother who just wanted something to work on and not thinker I was like fk it and try Manjaro KDE, and it was and is awesome, stuff just works out of the box and any new software update is just stable (if you don’t use git editions or nightly releases) … now it is his main OS and I am really pleased by the fact that I haven’t touched his computer for weeks

  9. The ease of use of open source software has been getting better on an exponential curve. This is why you see Microsoft moving to have a greater role and assert more influence over the open-source community by becoming a member of the Linux Foundation and purchasing GitHub.

  10. If anyone here wants to try 4k video editing on Linux, you can use Davinci Resolve, the free version. Rendering and transcoding are possible and not that hard. Unfortunately, there are not many ways to learn how to do it. Regardless of politics, just use the tool that works. Be it Windows, Mac or Linux.

  11. I believe the reason why people are so divided upon GUI and TUI issue has actually nothing to do with the usability of those two things but merely lies in the different philosophy behind them. Geeks or nerds would always try to grasp the idea under the surface while normal people only care about cute and neat looking. So it actually doesn’t make sense to tell them about the usability of TUI …

  12. Ubuntu -> Crunchbang -> Arch is the exact path I took too, except I stayed on Arch because it fits all my very specific criterion.

    Holy war time though: Atom is way better than Sublime, and I like bspwm better than Awesome myself.

  13. I started on Red hat 7 (not rhel) Never heard of ubuntu back then (only heard of Debian) and not to sure ubuntu existed then.

  14. Mac when it updates: doesn’t change anything and people praise the changes
    Windows when it updates: adds useful features, fix bugs, all around useful, everyone hates it
    Linux when it updates: welp something else broke

  15. 1:40 The thinness of the laptop doesn’t make a difference to how well you can use it for editing videos.
    2:50 Nope! I started off with Red Hat.

  16. A friend of mine made those yellow CYBER stickers and distributes them at security conferences. I wonder what chain of people led to one of them ending up on his laptop.

  17. great thing about kdenlive is its script manger job queue can be run from the terminal and can run the render jobs in the background without having the graphical interface open , save a bit of gpu and ram , and works so fast with the movit lib installed if you got a decent gpu , can even run those remotely too so can setup a render farm

  18. You edit with Linux and it’s clear. This and others are not up to snuff as far as editing quality goes. Not saying anything of this happily, because I want to fully switch to Linux forever, but I’m slave to Adobe due to it’s robust features…..

  19. Hey Rob – when rendering in Kdenlive, in the "More Options" section you should increase the number of threads if you want your project to render faster. For example, I have a Core i7, I select "8 threads", and it renders roughly 5 times faster (depending on your project and what format you’re rendering to).

    Also, if you experience any tearing with an Nvidia card – open Nvidia Settings and select "Advanced" under "X Server Display Configuration", and tick the "Force Composition Pipeline" checkbox.

    Awesome video, by the way. I love/live FOSS (Free and Open Source Software). Have been using Linux for the past 10 years, and would never go back to Mac or Windows now. It’s definitely a religion for me 😉

  20. The discussion here is pretty much the exact sequence of events that happen when I try a Linux distro: It installed nice and easily > Set up things as I want them > Updates break something > Fix the broken something > Try to do some work involving GPUs > Give up because it never works correctly > Reinstall Windows

  21. 1. Backup important data on multiple devices in multiple locations.
    2. Dont do updates on production machines untill you know they wont break your production machine.
    3. Have a fall over plan incase 1 & 2 fail.
    4. Do your terminal and vi sacrifices before attempting major projects. The command line requires there just duties before major projects are attempted.

  22. I edit with KdenLive for my channel and I’m very happy with it

    I’m using Kubuntu and i would never go back to Windows … it has crashed on me when i needed it the most too many times

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