Producing Music Videos In Virtual Reality [VRCHAT]

Producing Music Videos In Virtual Reality [VRCHAT]

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Hello my name is Godfrey Meyer III, aka Gm3. I wanted to bring you into my world of directing and producing original music videos inside virtual reality in a game called VRChat running on Unity3d. I write the music, and produce a record, then we create custom studio worlds with intricate camera systems to film live action footage of humans as avatars to film music videos. Film making inside VR opens up the door to so much possibilities for creativity, and I am very happy to have been able to make over 7 music videos please go check out my videos and share them if you enjoy what I do. It is my dream to “get found” and “heard’ so please help me out and share these videos. Thanks

Thank you everyone who helped with the video, there is too many of you to list here, please see credits at the end of the video. Much love. -Godfrey


  1. Thanks for sharing your process man. Was entertaining to watch. By the way, mind letting me know what song you had for your ending theme there?

  2. those quotes from the people you interviewed were the most generic useless statements I could ever imagine. otherwise good vid

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