Noah ’40’ Shebib on producing Drake | Native Instruments

Noah ’40’ Shebib on producing Drake | Native Instruments

40 is the Grammy-winning producer behind the sound of Drake’s innovative productions. More:

In this new video, watch him talk about building his Toronto studio with workflow in mind, share production tips, and explain how MASCHINE and KOMPLETE KONTROL fit perfectly into his philosophy of delivering maximum artistic authenticity through simplicity.


Drake – Jungle (OVO Sound)

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  1. You need me ,like I need you Let’s get it popping …I would love nothing more then to work with you

  2. I always do the music prior to addin drums too…i always try to gain a feel from the melodies rather than the drums. Makes fore more emotional beats. #facts

  3. I just need one production from this Genius 40 that would be a dream come true
    I respect your craft an I Salute.

  4. Met 40 in Mexico 2017 he was sitting in the VIP booth, he saw my toronto hat and told me to come and take a pic and vibe for a minute. Humble and most chill person ive met who has this much fame and power over music production. Much Love 40!

  5. Big names popping by????? lol hella people are from Canada. Almost 10 very big name mainstream artist are from Canada.

  6. Everytime i cut on my laptop and hit the MK2 icon, the little box shows up bot instead of the MK2 showing up next, it goes to Preference and up top it say MASCHINE but no file %
    or edit

  7. No shiny chains, no shiny watches, no gucci, no versace, no lambos, no bentleys.. a very intelligent guy who knows his job, his passion, doing what he loves to do! The richest person out there for me…

  8. Undiscussed Genius. What the fuck do you mean. Across the board fuck you mean. Simple is real it’s good. Take my shit or drop it. if you drop it you dropped it don’t come around picking that shit up again smh

  9. A very intelligent individual who inspires the artist by designing a musical landscape that caters to personal style and authenticity that works seamlessly. This guy here is a genuine and truthful artist.

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