YouTube Video Editing Tips & Tricks 2018

YouTube Video Editing Tips & Tricks 2018

YouTube Video Editing Tips & Tricks to help you edit better videos in 2018! Wondering how to edit better videos, looking for some simple youtube tips and tricks to take your next vlog, gaming or business tutorial to the next level? I this video, I share how to edit better videos easily. No matter if you’re on an iphone, ipad, andriod or desktop app.

Better video editing is all about creating awesome assets like photos, b-roll and using music and sound effects to take your videos to the next level in 2018.

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  1. BRAND NEW and NOT YOUNG!!!…LOL…THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I’m off to create my first edited video!…Wish me luck!!! ")

  2. OMFG Brian! I just watched this before bed and your demon face was horrifying!! Great video – hope I don’t have nightmares.

  3. This is another one that Ill be watching again and again! – Im just discovering Tube Tool;s thanks so much Brian- Stu

  4. Very nice…. I like your presentation…. I didn’t know that 15 second changes of screen is powerful

  5. Thank you very much for tips.

    My editing tips is rather depends on my type of video. Sometimes the edit can be very simple other times very cool just all depends:)

  6. That very interesting to hear about the 15 second change. In the past I always thought it was around 5-6 seconds. Now that I know this it will be easier for me to edit when doing reviews or other content.

    The biggest tip is not being afraid to fail as it allows us to grow and learn from our mistakes. Half of the things I learned from creating content in photoshop or adobe is messing up or adding another layer to produce an unusual effect!

  7. Wow, the idea with the photos is so simple. Yet it never occurred to me. That’s what I’ll do from now on! Thanks Brian!

  8. My channel and videos are so much better after watching all your helpful videos. Thanks so much Brian. Still got a lot to learn but comparing my new videos to my first ones is like chalk and cheese, night and day.

  9. Hi Brian, I’ve been trying to improve the quality of my videos. I’ve worked on the 15 second rule. Thanks for your advise.

  10. Which is better for editing Final Cut Pro or impvie? I’m not sure which one has more editing features such as shaking the screen more color changes and more features

  11. I’m 100 percent with you on being willing to fail.
    For me, I’m here to learn as I go and have fun doing it.

  12. Hi Brian, my husband published his first short video this week, using his phone. My question is should he film in 1080 full hd or is 720 or even 480 ok? I know the 15 second tip is really going to help, he does wood carving so some longer shots are required, but fill up his phone storage pretty quickly with 1080. Thanks.

  13. Oh, Beaver Creek! Spent a week there last summer and loved it. Must be even more amazing in the winter.

  14. Is it biologically possible that those of us without ADD, can develop ADD, by watching videos made for ADD viewers? Great content, thank you, but I need to go for a nature walk!

  15. I kinda edit a lot! I love editing….So Brian Tells me editing is good…I follow…

    Nah joking aside, Awesome video man!

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