Easiest Video Editing Software Ever! (With Tutorial) – Movavi

Easiest Video Editing Software Ever! (With Tutorial) – Movavi

Download the free trial: https://goo.gl/Cu3pPx
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In today’s tech tutorial I am going to show you you one of the best and affordable video editing software to create YouTube videos and travel films. If you want to follow along with this Movavi tutorial and review download the free trial above.

Thanks to Movavi Video Editor for partnering with us on this video and supporting us.

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  1. YES! I love this! I didn’t know about this video editing software beforehand but I really like the layout of it. Especially for beginners or people thinking about starting youtube but they’re too afraid of the complicated editing (aka me). And you should TOTALLY do a video on where you find your music and more on how to edit music and sound effects into videos/vlogs. Also on how to create/edit thumbnails or outro’s.

  2. Dear Jess, dear Steven🕊
    I am watching your amazing videos always – I love them. Thank you so much. I am from Germany and I watch the "euro news" channel every day. Between the news is advertisment for diffrent European countries to visit. I saw at last Serbia or Croatia and the styl of the film was like you present us the countries you visited. So is it possible that these moving recordings are made by you? I wish it would and I wish that you get great in your buisness you belong to.
    Greeting from half around the world🕊🌎🕊🌎🕊🌎🕊🌎🕊

  3. Hey there Flying The Nest , I wanna say that I really enjoyed every video of yours that you’ve made and its been very inspiring & knowledgeable ! keep it up !!! I’ve been wanting to travel full time for quite a while with my partner but never really got the guts to do it hahaha *Respect ! also would you be able to advise me how do you take car shots like @ 5:20
    ? thks

  4. Great tips we use adobe premier because our videographer went to cinematic school and learned on adobe so we have all learned on it

  5. Keep posting and you will get there, i see you put work into it! What do you think of my vlogs? Leave a comment on my newest video! Become a part of the Story Family! 😀

  6. Thanks so much for this. Program looks very easy. Just what I can handle. Yes, would like tips on how you pick music. 👍🏻

  7. Great tutorial, definitely a lot easier to understand than Premiere Pro and you explained it perfectly!
    Would love to see a tutorial on where and how you implement music in your vlogs and how you get around all the copyright issues.

  8. What a great review of this software! Awesome job! Also this seems very simple for a possible beginner such as myself! ❤❤

  9. I would live to see a phone tutorial! I travel all the time and usually without a laptop so I need a editing software that work on my phone

  10. Let’s say I have this clip on timeline and it’s 3rd or 4th clip and I want to edit it from a particular timecode. Meaning if I want to see that particular clip from 00:00 then how to do it ?

  11. Thanks for the super helpful video! I would love to see a video about finding the music you put in your videos and a video about how to edit the videos on your phone! Also, I have always wondered how people added the stickers/animations! Thanks for putting such awesome content out there for us all to enjoy, you guys are amazing and very inspiring ❤

  12. I use DaVinchi Resolve for video editing. It’s an editing package that is used by professionals but is available for free! I was using DaVinchi Resolve14 until the new version of DaVinchi Resolve15 was released as a public beta, so now use the latest version, which is also free to download and use!

  13. Now I know why I have a year’s worth of potential vlogs and stuff on my computer… That editing stuff is just sooooo confusing! Thank you, Stephen, for the tutorial!! I will have to try it soon!!!

  14. Thanks for this! I have started filming our trips so we have footage to look back on, rather than for youtube. I’ve been playing about with free software but it’s fiddley and it’s imported a couple of clips with audio and visual out of sync which is annoying. Will give this program a try 😊

  15. A great, helpful video. If you could also upload a video of where you get your music from that would be very helpful!

    PS – We’ve just moved over to Perth from the U.K. Love it here x

  16. Thank you for sharing your video with us I really like the software it’s very easy and you very good with showing how it works you make it simple and comfortable thank you

  17. Oh no I hope movavi has improved in the last couple of years. We bought it once and it crashed all the time and always exported videos with the audio and video out of sync 🙁 then would take weeks to get support from them :/ (The PC was not the issue as we now use it with premier 🙌🏼) I’m really never one to complain but it was extremely frustrating 😞

  18. Movavi Video Editor is not working properly if you’re on 4K resolution. Movavi fails to make it compatible properly with 4K resolution monitors. The control buttons will overlap the timeline each and every time you do ANYTHING in it! No matter what DPI scaling options you change in compatibility under "properties" on the application’s .exe file, you will either have super small controls that make it basically useless OR… you will have the buttons overlapping onto the timeline causing headaches while using the program ALL THE TIME!

    DO NOT BUY THIS PROGRAM! They refuse to fix their 4K resolution compatibility bugs. Their solution listed on their site literally tells you to change universal windows scaling settings which will completely change all other applications that are already working properly! So basically you use their solution, you will have new issues with every other single program on you PC!

  19. loved this thank you! definitely would want to see where you get your music because I always love the music from the vlogs!

  20. I’m gonna try it out for my holiday videos editing. Great guides! Thank you for making this video! 🙂

  21. Awesome tutorial thanks so much Stephen, I think I’ll give this software a go 🙂 would be great if you could post a phone editing video too

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