Free Video Editing Software for Gaming Channel: How To Video

Free Video Editing Software for Gaming Channel: How To Video

Check out this free video editing software I use to edit my gaming videos for YouTube.

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Are there any good free software to start a YouTube channel. Check out this video of my walk through of using Light Works.

Light Works Free Video Editing Software

Music Made by Lue Gaming Tech

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  1. yo bro..i subbd..n plz tell me that it dont have any ugly waternarks in inported video in free version..coz FILMORA did that to me

  2. THANK YOU!!! I just started my channel about gaming and I was looking for an editor for videos and I came across your and you showed me just what I needed….you just earned a sub….and a like also I would appreciate a sub for a sub. Thx again

  3. If you have any questions on how to use Light Works, Let me know. Also,  if you guys want me to do more tutorials of how I use Light Works let me know as well. Thank you for viewing my video!

  4. I didn’t notice any watermarking, as most *free* ones have. So, is it safe to say there isn’t any?

    Also, I would enjoy seeing more walkthroughs and/or tips for editing by you. I just began doing gaming commentary on my channel to provide tips and am considering doing professional looking montages etc. So definitely appreciate the ‘How-to’ advice.

    Going to check out Light Works. Thanks and subbed. ^.^/

  5. thanks for recommending the software but I had a question, how do people make all of those graphics in their software?

  6. Waow, when i clicked the video i was like, wow this guy is nice, he must have 3 million subs. Then i saw 40 xD. Nice video, you need millions of subscribers. Keep up the good work, and thanks for the work.

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