1. I’ve been using Studio 18 for a little awhile now, but a lot of videos involves maps with trails, how was wondering how do add in a basic self free line drawing like you added in with your red arrows? Thanks.

  2. Good job.  I have come back to Pinnacle Studio 18 after last using version 9, and am impressed with the improvements.  Your videos are certainly helping the transition!

  3. I’m learning to play an instrument. I have a video Of piano playing, I want to split into multiple segments. So I can play one small segment to see & learn one at a time. how would I do that in pinnacle studio if that is possible. Just like the sound effects, I want to make my own video & sound effect for me to study & learn in pieces, one after another. How? Thanks

  4. bro please tell me how to change my cusor from a arrow back to that little clock thing please. Like I am having trouble stretching or squasing my movies lengths in the time

  5. Hi Maliek. bought ps plus a week ago and asked them many times to help but the are just not helping. maybe you can. as soon as I cut anywhere in my video my sound goes out of sink with the picture. The pinnacle people cannot or do not want to help.

    thanks man.

  6. I used an iphone6 to take my footage, however, the clips show terrible quality once imported into Pinnacle. Why is this so…..?

  7. HEY I got a question: when I play video on timeline or on source the video is not smooth and its jamming. What can I do about it?

  8. How do you cut clips using one video and I’m using an iPhone 6s please reply and also I want to SEE what I cut

  9. Hi,

    I recently installed PS18 and it is working fine except I am missing a couple of features. For example.
    Volume keyframe
    Smart timeline mode
    Audio control in the Disc editor

  10. Hi. Love your videos! I am new to Pinnacle, but a graphic designer (Adobe products) of over 25 years moving into video editing. I have imported a video that was taken on an iPhone into Studio 18. I need to change the orientation from landscape to horizontal. Her head is on the left instead of being on top. LOL. Please advise. Thanks!

  11. Is it possible with Studio 18 Ultimate to have Audio tracks or Titles track optional on a disc ? (Such as choosing languages or subtitles for movies) If yes, please, explain how to prepare the project and how to export it to a file before burning a disc. Thanks.

  12. how can i make an effect to be imposed on the entire timeline and not only on a single sequence?
    i tried CONTROL A but it doesnt work

  13. No, no, no………….not again. I thought you guys of Pinnacle finaly managed to keep the program working. But, same as Pinnacle versions before: After you work with it a few months and make things a little bit more complicated on your movies it collapses over and over and over again. As a test I just try to make a movie of 3 JPEG pics with "transition in" in it. As soon as I hit the button "standard transitions" I get the result: Pinnacle Studio isn’t working no more. Disc Space 328 GB!

  14. When uploading my videos to pinnacle and start editing the video is freezing but still plays and i can hear my voice which makes it hard to edit. Any idea why?

  15. Someone help me! The trim buttons dont appear and that makes it HELL to get the clip I want down into the timeline! I have pinnacle studio 18 so it SHOULD be there.

  16. Great video.  I’ve been using Studio 18 for a bit now but I still learned a few things.  I’m trying to figure out how to rotate a video clip 90 degrees.  Can’t seem to find the option to do that.  Can you help me with that?  Thanks JC.

  17. How do you delete the audio track on a piece of video? I’m making a music video and I don’t want the audio from the video.

  18. I want to do a glitch effect in a video I’m making, but no one has a tutorial for either this program or the other program I have. I am soooooo boned…

  19. Hello, Man I want to first say thank you for the wonderful and captivating tutorials you’ve posted over the years. I have indeed stayed inspired.
    My question is does Pinnacle Studio offer (1) rotoscope and (2) motion tracking yet, or some type of plugin that I can purchase and us with this software?  Thanks again for you excellent works .

  20. I have several 15 min. videos where I just want to grab 3-4 s clips out, save them and then give to someone else to create my final video. What software would be best for that? Does anyone have suggestions? Thank you.

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  22. im i dumb or something all i wanna do it cut and trim important bits but it just keeps deleting the whole thing grrrrrr 🙁

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