Learn Video Editing in Blender: Getting started with the VSE and Power Sequencer

Learn Video Editing in Blender: Getting started with the VSE and Power Sequencer

In this tutorial, Daniel and I run you through the basics of video editing with both the vanilla Blender and our open source add-on Power Sequencer!
Get Power Sequencer: http://gdquest.com/blender/power-sequencer/
All features in the add-on: https://github.com/GDquest/Blender-power-sequencer#operators

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0:00 Intro

Video editing basics

– 2:19 Tutorial overview
– 3:22 Change render settings
– 4:20 Import your videos
– 5:04 Select, move, and cut strips
– 7:05 Move and zoom the view
– 7:54 Remove gaps
– 8:35 Set video start and end points
– 9:39 Render the video
– 10:47 Using video proxies for better performances
– 13:08 Add audio waveforms

Edit faster with Power Sequencer

– 15:15 Download and install Power Sequencer
– 17:35 Create a startup template for video editing
– 21:42 Add your splash screen in the startup template
– 23:32 Import local footage with the add-on (Ctrl Shift I)
– 25:06 Render proxy files with the add-on
– 26:48 Set the Preview range in one keystroke (Ctrl Alt P)
– 27:42 Toggle waveforms on and off (Alt W)
– 29:37 Swapping the active strip (Alt Arrow Key)

Cutting and trimming strips with the mouse

– 31:20 Comparison with the traditional editing workflow
– 32:10 Three ways to trim the first shot
– 33:45 Editing strips interactively with the mouse
– 34:07 Smart trim with the keyboard
– 34:55 Trimming the other two shots
– 37:18 Instant render settings

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  1. I always edit my videos in blender, so it makes me really happy that I can learn more about it. Thank you!

  2. This video is a bonus on the channel: I’m still hard at work on gamedev tutorials. There will be a few more video editing tuts in the future to help people discover Blender’s VSE though.
    Big thanks to Daniel Oakey for this collab! He also did a lot for the add-on, adding new features like automated docs, improving the code structure, improving the feel of the tools… Big thanks to Davide Cristi for his work on the docs, and Patrick Crawford for adding automated updates!

    Also check out the VSE Transform tools add-on: https://github.com/doakey3/VSE_Transform_Tools

    Blender’s video editor has some limitations so it’s not for everyone: performances are limited, it doesn’t support mixed framerates in a given project, offers no playback speed control out of the box… on the other hand, it’s easy to extend with Python so it can become an efficient and lightweight option for some jobs. We use it at GDquest and with our add-on it’s the fastest tool we have to edit tutorials.

    For a documentary-style video with a lot of live footage or 4k video I’d still use DaVinci Resolve on top of Blender:
    1. Blender to edit the parts that need many cuts, like the audio
    2. Then Resolve to put the story together.

    Why not use KDEnlive, another promising Free video editor? It has had two limitations that were an issue for the type of content I edit:
    1. No plugins meant I couldn’t add tools to cut and trim faster. And 90% of the work on our videos is just that.
    2. The program has been unstable for a long time. I initially moved to Blender because other video editing programs crashed too often. KDEnlive was one of them. The KDEnlive team has been hard at work rewriting some of the tool’s core so it may become a lot more stable in the future!

  3. I love the VSE Transform tools plugin. A must have.
    I’ve never tried Power Sequencer, I’ll give it a try.

  4. Nice work there ! I am an editor my self and we should co op sometime! I subscribed ofc liked and even turned the notification bell on! I would apreciate if u do the same but only if you like my stuff! Im not that sub for sub guy! Anyway best regards

  5. This is a great video and I have learned so much however, my video is not playing as smooth as yours or how smooth it plays in my media player. Do you know what this could be or how to fix it?? I have frame dropping selected but my computer definitely slow with this program – do you know how to fix this as well?

  6. Hey dude, nice video but when I use Shift + Ctrl + I to import automatically video it shows message "No new files to import found" but were project it’s saved there are few folder with video…

  7. Only VSE Transform tools add-on is working, Power Sequencer doesn’t, the only version that SHOWS (doesnt actually work thoiugh..) in the add-ons menu is the 1.0 beta, i tried the latest and 0.9.9 but they didnt show up nor work.
    any help? >.>

  8. To Daniel,,,MY audios are all MP3 but U said use the ACC. Is that OK? And extracting Video or Still Pix, it went to my folders, all folders UNOPENED. How can I open it? Thanks. I am very new to video editing. Maybe Blender is not for me?

  9. It’s great you guys are improving this part of blender as well, maybe someday these great features can be part of the vanilla blender.

  10. Thanks for making this available! Unfortunately, neither the power sequencer nor the VSE transform tools are showing up after installation via the blender addon menu. The files are properly placed in the addons folder by blender. Installation of other addons with the same methods works fine. Reinstall of blender won’t help. Using Blender 2.79b and the newest version available on GitHub. Any ideas?

  11. You are a great teacher and your English is perfect for non-native English people. Thank you for all your effort!

  12. Hey, I am using your add-on to edit my videos and it works fine. However when I want to use the Python script to generate proxies I run into troubles. Lets say im at frame 100 and and in the preview video I see the according frame (image). If I then hit N to view the video proxy (25%) I see a different frame, so the proxy and real footage aren’t in sync. This problem doesn’t occur if I generate proxies within Blender.
    Any help for this problem? Thanks in advance

  13. how did you hidden the file label on the sound strip? on my Blender the waveform is covered by the long text of the path name where the file is located. And its difficult to see the waves.

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