Best Hard Drives for Video editing and Storage? — SSD VS. HDD

Best Hard Drives for Video editing and Storage? — SSD VS. HDD

Quick overview and tips on how I setup my hard drives for video editing and the difference between SSD and HDD drives. Check out the WD Blue solid state drives on Amazon here: ***** Check out more tips on video editing workflow in this playlist here:

*** DISCLAIMER *** Big thanks to Western Digital for sponsoring this video and sending out a WD Blue PC SSD drive to test out!

**** Show Notes and List of Hard Drives Mentioned in the Video ****

1. WD Blue 3D NAND 1TB (The 1 TB SDD I’m Using)

2. WD Blue SSHD 4TB Desktop Hard Disk Drive (4 TB Drive for Storing Files that is a hybrid of an SSD and HDD)

3. WD 20TB My Book Duo Desktop RAID External Hard Drive – USB 3.1 (Large Capacity External Hard Drive)


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About This Video:
In this video Sean Cannell from Think Media shares tips on the best hard drives for video editing and the best external hard drive for video editing. Using a ssd for video editing is smart and ssds are the best drives for video editing overall. If you are researching hard drives for video editing or looking for the best hard drives for video storage or a hard drive for video editing, check out this video. In this video I also do a WD blue review for video editing storage. Check out my video editing storage workflow and video editing storage setup in this video and check out out playlist for more video editing storage solutions, tips on solid state drive vs hard drive, and additional info about my video editing hard drive setup!


  1. so I have a 420GB SSD that I am using for Windows 10 OS and other important programs like Sony/Magix Vegas and Photoshop but should I keep all my project files on a larger 2TB normal Hard Drive and keep the SSD for the programs? I’m worried that I would run out of room in the SSD because it is such a low storage size.

  2. Do you recommend later deleting your working files? or do you store those? and how much of your raw
    footage do you usually save?

  3. Hey! I’ll buy an other SSD but before I do, what’s the best way to work in your opinion with my actual setup?

    My setup:
    -M.2 SSD 1TB
    -HDD 6TB

    Strategy #1
    -Working on M.2 SSD
    -Export on M.2 SSD
    -Then transfer on HDD

    Strategy #2
    -Working on M.2 SSD
    -Export on HDD

    Thank you!

  4. thank you …what is my best bet for this computer _ serial number C02Q3AGUG8WP… ? shoul i rebuild a computer… or should i just build a new computer

  5. I have an 250gb external Samsung t5 ssd. Would you guys recommend that I install premiere pro os on it and also dump my footage there when I edit? Or is one ssd with both things not enough for smooth operation and playback

  6. What cache should I be running on the secondary bulk HDD? 64? 128? Whats best? I have OS and Software on my SSD and I need to know whats good for the bulk drive.

  7. ⚡ QOTD: How do you store your video and media files? Do you have any video editing workflow tips? LMK! 👇👇👇

  8. Iv got two nvme m.2 Samsung 960pro 1tb and 250gb 3,500 MB/sec reading and 2100 MB/sec writing speed

  9. i’m using wd black for that and some samsung ssd evo, in combination with wd blue 5400trm for cold storage, i’ts working great !
    I’m copying most used files from wd blue to wd black, and the resulting files to my ssds.

  10. Thanks so much for this!! I just have a question: Can I do your three drives technique if the editing software I’m using is not Final Cut Pro or adobe premiere? What I use is call Power Director. Thank you so much!

  11. WDDrives have always worked well for me as well.
    Great video and very interested in the 20 trb drive
    Thank you, Pete

  12. Please answer this…
    Which should I buy first? a 2TB External Hard drive or a 250GB NVME SSD? I do Video Editing as my Work and do gaming sometimes..Storage or Speed?
    Thanks for the immediate response

    I’m also in a Tight budget which I can only afford one of them xD

    I use the laptop of MSI GL62M 7RDX with the specs of:
    Intel i7 7700HQ
    12gb RAM
    1TB HDD
    Invidia 1050ti

  13. Thank you so much. My YT channel is going on 12 years now. Im paniced about storage now that Im working with 4K and now that Onni The Baby Cockatoo is slamming the internet due to 2 viral vids on the net. I cant afford yearly fees for a huge cloud. Meanwhile, Im overwhelmed with content. This is a great help. Shout out from Onni

  14. wd blue 1tb hard drives (not ssd’s) can be had for about $44 or 2tb blues for about $55(?) and combined for really fast raid arrays. 3 1 tb blue drive combined cost about 135 bux and will have the same write speed as the 1tb wd blue ssd but have 3 times the capacity and cost less. if you use the 2tb drives just a bit more money (165?) and you get 6 tb and about the same readwrite speeds. of course those are sequential speeds and the randoms speeds will be faster on the ssd’s but with careful planning you can work around this for a great budget editing rig. but of course every editing rig, even a budget one should have at least one ssd. but with some forthought you can just have one decent speed (but small) ssd for the os and premiere to launch from and maybe a cheap and small sata ssd for some of the source files scratch while outputting to the raid or seomthing like that

    and yes i know he mentions raiding drives but i just thought i would throw out some cheap stuff that you can do with cheap internal drives

  15. my girlfriend does amateur vlogs for youtube (only 1080p). She just bought a new macbook pro. 8gb of RAM and 256 ssd. Will this not be enough power. I understand you cant upgrade ssd or RAM in the new mbp (internally). Will an external SSD or HDD to store her videos help her out when it comes to rendering and editing? please help :/

  16. Western Digital (sponsor) is not bad, but HGST is much better for HDD storage. Nothing comes close. You pay more than WD, but you can’t put a price on your archival footage. I’ve had WD Blacks and Reds die on me prematurely. A Seagate 2 TB that died after 2 years. I’ve had these HGST drives for over 6 years now. They’d keep going if I didn’t replace them with bigger drives.

    You can check Backblaze Hard Drive Stats:

  17. I have a question if anyone could answer. I am looking to purchase a laptop upgrade, a macbook pro and want to save some money on the internal storage and keep the baseline 256 gb (very small) ssd and not upgrade. I have a 1 TB external seagate backup plus that i store all projects on and usually edit off that on my current slow ass computer. Im looking to upgrade laptops for much improved render times and just no dropped frames during playback in the editing process. Will i still be getting slow render times and unplayable timelines editing off this hard drive on say a macbook pro 2018?

  18. awesome vid thanks.. im new to editing just invested in a macbook pro 15 i7 2012.. looking for a mobile power house.

  19. I normally enjoy this channel, but this is a great example of a sponsored video skewing things. WD Blue is just one option and, when the chips are down, is probably not the best option for the money; there are plenty of objective videos that show that. You’re better going for Samsung Evo 860 if you have the money, or considering Crucial MX500 if you’re on more of a budget.

  20. Can I transfer 4k video files from my SD card to SSD even if my laptop is about 5yrs old and doesn’t playback 4k video? Or would the footage get messed up during the transfer process???

  21. Thank jesus christ now i can afford those SSDs. I’m going to replicate your work flow. I use Sony Vegas 14 i’m upgrading from my WD 1tb black 7,2000.

  22. First I just want to say thank you for this video, super helpful. Secondly, I think I recognize that name at the start of the video, and I am pretty darn sure I literally just sold a 52mm Camera Filter to you on eBay…hahah small world!

  23. Still kinda shaky on why i should spend more money on external drives. Do they save space? Are render times reduced? Like whats so special about them?

  24. Question. After installing MacOS Sierra onto Your External SSD. Then Can I hold like Application Software Like Music Software Video Editing Software and other plugins on the External SSD leaving my MacBook Pro to free up some Hard Drive Space? I have 256GB on my internal And I wanna free all that up and put it on my External. Will This Work?

  25. You should look into proper setups for audio monitoring, being in the corner like that is the worst possible place except for being on the 25%,50%,75% room lines in the center also point the speakers up or raise them to ear level (tweeter). I’ve changed and wow what a difference from being in the corner .. good vid

  26. Well, I’ve binge watched you for days…thought I was ready to go…you helped me choose a camera etc…gave me a BUT of confidence to do skincare and honeybee videos as a love yourself/beauty channel….aaaaand then I watched this video. And I’m lost. I saw below that even a monkey can understand this video. Sigh…I guess I’m dumber than a primate. My three college degrees and juries doctorate mean nothing to YouTube land. 😂Lol! Anyhow…I guess I need to figure this out. Thanks for the help on everything else too.

  27. Perhaps this is a silly question, but is it possible to work off of an external SSD drive for video editing? My desktop would run my editing software but the videos would be physically on the external SSD? Currently my videos are on the same HDD as my OS. It’s rather buggy, hence why I am asking this question. Cheers

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