4K Video Editing on a 12″ MacBook?

4K Video Editing on a 12″ MacBook?

All love, Linus! πŸ˜€ https://youtu.be/VxHOzG-1KvM
4K Video editing on a 12 inch MacBook. This is why I use FCPX.
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  1. Editing a video in Premier PRO on a cheap budget laptop…….. upgrade the ram if possible and edit the video at the lowest quality and after done with editing export the file as 4K quality…….. (And make sure you have spare your time on rendering your file……..) and actually u don’t have to really choose the lowest resolution on editing…….. just choose the one that works the best cuz it is just editing……. if you are not a professional

  2. Expect nothing from Adobe. Big company like Adobe have slower progression. They don’t care about optimization. Plus, their subscription sucks. Remember Fireworks? Failed.

  3. Would it be worth it if I forked over another 90 for the core i5 for school, minor video editing, etc?

  4. and they still didn’t accept the challenge till today.
    and from the time of the vide, till this year which they’re (2) I moved from windows to mac and being an apple product user.
    but still, (using adobe products on mac though), but… that might change in the near future as well.

  5. Yeah that’s all right for final cut pro x and a macbook, TO keep in mind this an apple machine running an apple software! Try rendering or exporting the video on Adobe Premiere Pro CC on a macbook and post a video if you are bold enough!

  6. so basically adobe is trolling with their users …while apple is being true to their word ..
    windows is fine …adobe sucks …use a premiere in mac and you will know what i’am saying..

  7. This test was unfair because you used final cut pro you should have used adobe premiere like linus did and then tested it.

  8. I run my entire youtube channel on a 12 inch MacBook I edit in Final Cut Pro in 4k and then export in 1440p. If I was a Windows user running Adobe premier, I would need to drop a few grand on a workstation grade desktop (which wouldn’t even allow me to play games, which is what I would want to do on PC) to get the same results. So glad that Final Cut is so well optimized so that I am able to fulfill my dream of making high resolution youtube videos using only the $600 laptop I purchased for school.

  9. Challenging on Linus!!!
    Linus is the best PC hardware reviewer. It’s a bad idea to challenge him. Honestly, he knows technical stuffs more than any YouTube celebrity.

  10. That strange!! cause my Macbook Pro 15inch 2014 with i7/256GB SSD/ intel iris pro 1500/ 16GB ram did bad. A simple footage of 3840×2160/ 30sec long/ 30fps/ had dropping frame, crashing FCPX. Export did about 3min and the fans of my macbook pro went thure the roof. 100% rpm, every loud. all this signs where to much for me. I have build a PC and now i add 4k (4096×2160) on eazy 30sec footage will be export in 30 sec.

  11. Funny thing indeed. As for the video, I expected that since FCPX renders on the background. As for both the hackintosh and haters, you both need to do your research. FCPX works wonders when you pair it with an AMD graphics card, since that’s what iMacs and MacBooks use. NVIDIA although still makes drivers for GPU’s in macOS, they aren’t as good or tested against, neither FCPX chooses it.

  12. I was looking for same question but for samsung book 12. So this question is 4K Video Editing on a 12" Samsung book? Any idea?

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