Best FREE Video Editing Software 2018 – Best Video Editing Software For Free & Video Editing Tips

Best FREE Video Editing Software 2018 – Best Video Editing Software For Free & Video Editing Tips

Today I will be showing you the best free video editing software for windows in 2018. This will be a tutorial on what editing software is the best and video editing tips on how to use it. Shotcut is a program that has many features that make it one of the best editing programs, and it is a free editing software as well! I hope this tutorial does help you with video editing tips and what free editing software is the best! Shotcut in my opinion is the best video editing software and is the best video editor out there right now, in terms of free video editing software. Please like and subscribe for more content and tutorials from me!

Free Editing Software:

Intro Tutorial:

Outro Tutorial:


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  1. Goal: 300 likes – Receives: 1.7K likes – What I get: 2 likes and if I’m unlucky a dislike

  2. i need a new editing software because shotcut lags at higher file sizes. wouldnt recommend personally

  3. The screen randomly goes black at the 16 minute point in my 20 minute vid then comes back for the outro.

  4. I am going to start a youtube channel and I think this is going to be a good editing software. I record with OBS.

  5. Thanks for the tutorials, Mate. This is really going to help me kick start my channel, now all I need is the personality and the talent!

  6. Everytime i download it and do the installer on my desktop i do it and it says completed and i close it now what? it did nothing

  7. My video has black bars on the side but my normal video without putting it into the editing software does my normal resolution is 1600 x 1080 is there anyone who can help?

  8. Shotcut is bad it worked one time that it was choppy and I couldn’t get it any more videos looking for a different editor now

  9. Bro your so awesome. Thanks for everything man. You really helped me to transform my channel. Your a legend!!!! Keep up the Great work. Now I just have to figure out how to put my thumbnail in video. I’m gonna check to see if you have that video, if not can you make it??

  10. am i the only one but mu uploads are taking so long and ik i have a good comp no virus and runs on 144 fps

  11. hey which one should I download? It looks different than yours. I guess its been updated. Can you take a look?

  12. I play my games on my ps4 without a mic… How can I send my gameplay to my laptop, and add a commentary afterwards?

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