1. Can we use a plug in external microphone for audio with video cache? The microphone on my tablet sucks!!

  2. So if I record a video and then download it to my ipad and upload it to youtube or facebook, will I have the audio attached or do I need to go into a post production software tool such as what you’re using? This seems like a lot of work. All I want is to record a video, have audio attached to it and be able to upload from the sd card or ipad to wherever I want.

  3. I get a message that the clip that I opened with the Editor has been saved to my iPad Mini 4, but when I mount the iPad to my Win7 Pro PC and open the DCIM folder, the clip is not there. Any suggestion?

  4. can I record sound direct recorded at mavic instead of sound from the controller .. I miss some setting … currently the sound is recorded at my radio controller

  5. Is the video from the sd card that much better than the cached video stored on my phone?
    I’ve been using the cached video and audio for YouTube purposes because it actually looks very good. Occasionally I’ll get a slight break up or glitchy part in the cached video but it’s never very long in duration and I can usually edit it out.

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