Top 5 Video Editing Programs, Software (Open Source / Free)

Top 5 Video Editing Programs, Software (Open Source / Free)

Looking for editor that work on Windows and Mac?
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Here are some of the best free video editing software programs available. Search them in Google, or visit my website for details on how to download and use them.

Open Shot

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  1. Glad you didn’t promote AVS Video Editor. I was misguided to that for music video work. It absolutely can NOT work for it. As soon as you get 3 or more video clips, it starts tripping over transition points and freezing up. Kind of hard to sync to the audio track.

    Which of the ones you reviewed here do you recommemend for that?

  2. I just want a program with some nice filters and transitions which for an, well I guess it’s an AMV. Any suggestions? Does anyone have experience with kdenlive?

  3. which one is the easiest to use? i don’t need anything fancy, i just need something to cut, and stitch together video clips, maybe add some writings or subtitles on clips, i used to use Windows Movie Maker but it’s bugging out now, can’t export any movie file now for some reason, so i’m just looking for the easiest one

    also, i’m still on windows XP

  4. I would suggest hitfilm 3 express. I don’t think it’s open source, but it’s free and works really well for me. I’ve tried most of these and lightworks is probably the best of them, but I just find it hard to use or limited. Hitfilm 3 is my favorite.

  5. To me Vidpad Video Editor is the best. When you edit, the quality is not very good but when you export it its hd and there’s no watermark in the free version. 🙂

  6. Lightworks – slow / Freezing
    Avidemux – Nothing know
    OpenSho(i)t – Full of bugs, always quit with error during work.

    Any idea?
    I7 5500U / 8Gb

  7. Best editing softwares are camtasia adobe premier sony vegas pro all costs money but very very good for a medium computer use camtasia studio 9

  8. This is the shitiest video i’ve ever seen. "Complex program" – If you don’t understand how editing works, don’t suggest anything. You presented a negative filter as an example of what the program can do. Who uses that? It’s literally the simplest and shitiest effect that has ever existed.

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