iPhone 4 and 4s no sound on video recording (SOLVED)

iPhone 4 and 4s no sound on video recording (SOLVED)

iOS UPDATE (2014) might cause you this problem. Try first to reboot and if its still not working try the video.

So like i said on video i had this problem with my iPhone 4.
I searched up some solutions and i realized that the microphone of video recorder
You can take a needle and clear up that little hole next to speaker jax on your iPhone 4/4s.
Then try to record and comment me about any problems or questions.
Thnx for watching this !


  1. If you steel alive !πŸ˜„
    Use a tweak from cydia names microphonerouting πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  2. I love You Man You are my Hero!!!!
    Thankk you sooo Much now i can Record Videos with my Iphone With Sound !!!

  3. Even when this video is from some time ago, I watched it and I did as you showed; it worked, my iPhone records sound again, thanks Kwstas!

  4. Crazy. that just worked, thanks. I also have a stuck volume button- I went to settings -general- accessibility- assistance touch (on)

  5. Even when this video was done longer ago, I just watched it and did as you said; it worked, my iPhone 4 is recording sound again, thanks Kwstas!

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