Movie Maker Guide for Free Video Editing and Free Audio Editing using Audacity for Noise Removal

Movie Maker Guide for Free Video Editing and Free Audio Editing using Audacity for Noise Removal

Windows Movie Maker and Audacity are both free, user friendly, and can be run on even the slowest computers. With a bit of practice you’ll be making professional looking videos in no time.

If you would like a part 2, please hit the thumbs up on the comment below mentioning a more in depth look into movie makers tools as well as more tips to make your commentary sound much smoother.


No matter how good your video and/or commentary is, If your sound quality is bad, people will click on to another video very quickly. It takes seconds to clean your audio up, and I suggest all YouTubers do it.

If you record with another program but want to use the noise removal feature, just use the link below to convert the file to .wav

I didn’t go into this recording software much in the video since I’ve only used it once before this video. It is a very good program though, and there is not a better free option out there. The downside is the watermark and 10 minute time limit, but if you find yourself recording a lot videos with it, invest the money to get the paid version for about $40-$50 I believe.

This is the best music library I have found in my years time making videos on YouTube.



  1. lol ive been uploading for the past 3 days so im preety new i play ios its a different kind of way to upload beacuse you need to airplay your screen

  2. You need to do a Druid solo lets play like how you got immortop but with Druid, at level 40 he can take out (by himself) all of the first dungeon!

  3. Love how you take the time and explain things! Thanks for the video itll help me out alot! Hope to see more of the new account its been awhile now.

  4. Hi! Iam trying to import my video in Windows VideoMaker, to sincronize it withe the new audio file I have created after taking off the noise. Video Maker just doesn´t import my video file, I have tried with MOV,AVI,and others… but it just will not import it. What do I need to do? Thanks!

  5. Alright I’ve had a million questions about how to screen record. He is the video I made months ago showing how I do it.
    How to Screen Record on Android and If You’re Lucky a One Click Root

  6. I was expecting to find out how to remove background nosies…. but you’re the only YouTuber who I’ve ever watched who put how to get free music…. You just gained a like and a sub… I don’t even care for the rest of the video anymore! xD

  7. Thats awesome but I would like to really know how to record on the android samsung device I really do please show. In next video.

  8. Hey there, just wondered if you knew how to get the original sound into the video when putting it into movie maker? I’ve designed a video with photos and videos but the sound doesn’t play :-/ I’m really confused. Thanks in advance

  9. Hey sand the update for iOS is coming out. The update adds the quest bored and the solo hero thing. Could you do a video on it please

  10. why is your movie maker looks like microsoft office programs? mine looks way different lol. also looking for a guild i got 66 snowzilla, 71 paladin,67 druid, 66 grizzly reaper, 71 immortep, 8617 might

  11. excellent, im looking to start a you tube channel not only with castle clash but with others as well, thank you. Neptonic

  12. I’m looking for some tips on what to go for next. First, what I currently have. I rolled a Succubus, Druid (before login rewards), Atlanticore, and Cupid (yes, I am one lucky person, I am free to play). I also have a paladin, and all my heroes are level 70-76. I just farmed the 2.2k shards for Thunder God (which I swapped for paladin), and started leveling him. Any tips, what should I do next? Note: I have a garrison of each color for each of my four towers, I was leveling them, but putting those on hold until I get the big TG to a decent level.

  13. If anyone is interested in a 2nd video going into more detail using transition effects, graphics like thumbs ups, zooming into a particular part and highlighting it as well. Also, when it comes to audio editing, I’ve found a few ways that take only a few seconds to really clean up commentary and make it sound much smoother. So just give me the word and I’d be happy to make another video with more detail on movie maker. 

    Also if you’re curious how I choose what gameplay and how I record it on Android with scr pro then choose which clips go where to put it all together let me know. 

    I’ve now made 500+ videos with it, so there’s not much on movie maker I haven’t utilized to its max. Hint, hint Microsoft give me an update with multiple video layers!!! 😛

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