VideoPad Video Editor Tutorial | 360 Video Editing

VideoPad Video Editor Tutorial | 360 Video Editing

This video will show you how to edit 360 video with VideoPad video editing software.
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Your 360-Degree Camera comes with software to stitch the footage together. After this step, you may want to make edits and add effects. Open your video or image file in VideoPad and place it on the sequence.
Initially, the preview will show the clip in a flat view, to view the 360 view, click on the 360 icon beneath the preview window. Left-click and drag with your mouse on the preview to change your point of view.
Editing a 360 clip or applying an effect requires no special steps. Do exactly what you would with any other media clip. For example, to increase the color saturation in your clip, simply click the FX button and add Saturation. To add a cross-fade between clips, click the transition icon and add the transition. No extra steps are required in 360 video editing.
To add flat text or images to a 360 clip, such as a Title or logo, you will need to mimic the curve of the 360 clip and adjust the Field of View so that straight lines continue to appear straight.
To do this, add your text or image overlay to a track above your clip. In the flat view, this looks fine, but when you switch back to the 360 preview, your text or image will be distorted.
To fix this, click the FX button on the clip, then, click Add to open the effects list and select Place in 360. From here, you can adjust the scale of the text using the slider. To adjust the position of the text you can use the horizontal and vertical positioning sliders. Or turn off 360 View Mode to use your mouse to move the text on the preview. Depending on your placement in flat view mode, it may appear distorted, but will be correct in the 360 preview.
There are a few preset animations, such as, Move Away, that you can select from as well. Or use the animation editor to create your own animation.
When you are ready to export your file, select one of the 360 Degree output resolutions.

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