1. I want to shoot an underwater tutorial and promotional video in a pool. I don’t want to spend hundreds on a special UW housing. I will need to edit splice and talk over the recorded 30 second segments. Each ending and beginning with a series of still photos while continuing my narration.

  2. I really like the Polsen MOPL1 Mic.. I just wonder if this will work on my 2nd gen Moto X that I just got. Would you happen to know if it will?

  3. very helpful– thank you!  I am wondering what you think the best type of mic would be for shooting fitness/ movement videos with instruction.  I have a wireless lavalier– but cumbersome at points.  I was considering a shotgun mic along with the Movie Mount.  Do you think a shotgun mic would be a good choice for shooting in a movement studio setting?

  4. I found this one on the website but it says it’s designed to be used with a recording app. Do you have to use the app? Or can I just plug this into my phone and use the iPhone video recorder?

  5. How do i get the Rode Video Mic Pro to work with my iPhone 6+??

    it can’t use the SC7, because the cable isn’t detachable. 

    help please!

  6. Hello BH photo. I have been planning to buy a mic for my ipad air2 for my amateur clarinet recordings at home. I am confused with zoom iq5, iq6, iq7. which one is better for home instrument recordings. if none of them isnot recommended, which mic would you recommend for my amatuer home clarinet recordings with my ipad air 2. many thanks halil. pls reply me  as soon as possible.

  7. I want to record in a room where I will be talking and singing, but I also want the people in the room to be heard. Is there a multidirectional mic that you can recommend for this? We would either set it on the floor in front of me (I sit on the floor) or hang it from the ceiling. Thank You for your help! Kai Shanti

  8. recently purchased a Rode mic off of Amazon to use with my iphone 6 plus. I didn not pick up any sound. Do I have to have a powered mic like a phantom powered mic? I have the correct connector but still nothing. Thanks

  9. But while video shooting audio will be automatically recorded than how you transfer audio after video recording.

  10. What a great presentation and round-up of audio options for the iPad videographer.
    But this was back in 2014 – I’d love to see you guys do an "updated" version with new gear available now in 2017.

  11. Ok – I want to get the full man on the street set up for iphone 6 plus – what SPECIFICALLY do I need to buy – I am kind of lost what is required for that set up!

  12. May I ask What tripod is that your using. I’m trying to find something like that with the long Head or neck on there. I don’t know the name that the iPad is setting on. Can you help

  13. I have a question…. I bought a shotgun mic (takstar scg-598) and a Y splitter. But it still uses the iPhone microphone, so when I use a lens it muffles the audio. I turn on the microphone so that’s not it. Please help

  14. Hi, I have a rode video mic pro and want to hook it up to my mac book air how should i do this and what equipment do i need for best performance, possibly not expensive. many thanks

  15. I bought the Azden pro dual wireless mics from you guys with the sescom adapter, however, I only get one of the mics recorded. What can I do to record both wireless mics?

  16. hi, I have a regular ipad (3) and a rode video micro, not the "go". It’s not working with the cable it comes with. Do I need the sc7 shown here?

  17. is it compatible with my ipad air 2? Are iq5 iq6 iq7 used on ipad air 2? Somebody has told me that iq7 cannot be used on ipad air 2? is this correct?

  18. Hi Sir,

    Thank you for your helpful Vedio. I do conduct training programs and seminars. Mostly I deliver my lecture with an interpreter. Can you please suggest me how can I record the sessions on iPhone / iPad with two wireless microphones at same time (for myself and my interpreter)? Thank you in advance for your suggestion.

  19. Hello. Thank you for the video. Very helpful. I’d like to record concerts/marching band video music using iPhone 6+ and Rode stereo videomic pro. I need assistance on settings and additional cables (if needed) to get the best possible sound. Thank you.

  20. Hello! If I were to use a wired external condenser mic for recording my guitar like the Shure MV5 would I be able to record video at the same time? I’m looking for a relatively cheap way to record music videos for Youtube and don’t have a camera. Advice would be welcome!

  21. When using the VideoMic Go, do you need to use an app when you’re recording video, or should it work with the standard iphone camera app?

    Also, what do you think about using the SmartLav+ with the SC1 extension cable and SC6 adapter to monitor the recording? Again, can this be used with the standard camera app, or should you use another video app? (I’m assuming you can only use the Rode Rec app to record audio only, and can’t use it while recording video?)

    Lots of questions….Sorry!

  22. I have a Sony ECM-AW3 receiver/mic and a splitter cable with the proper connection and can’t get it to work with my iPad mini. I am trying to record myself teaching yoga classes or short yoga therapy clips to post on my website. any ideas?

    I did get a different bluetooth mic that works with a voice recorder app but the logistics of then shooting video and syncing is rather daunting.

  23. Thanks for the useful video. My doubt: do I need an app to use a lapel mic in my mini-ipad while making a video?

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