1. I watched this video of a chinese girl stamping on rabbits and I didn`t feel like myself for days,and I hate even thinking about it

  2. the bottom line is this, anyone that can do this an not feel anything after is dead inside… you’ll often find that these "men" are fed up with their lives and hatred builds up in them because they’re too cowardly to sort their shit out and so they want a way to let out that anger… they need serious help some are too far gone and to be honest, i dont give a shit let them fucking rot. They cross that line… fuck em. I cant believe humans in this day and age would do this… disgusting

  3. They are worthless low life disgusting sick nasty abusive cruel insensitive brainless ignorant greedy selfish inhumane brutal torturous lower than whale shit so called humans. Can not call them humans or people, more worthless scum sewer rat shit. When ones like this are caught and they admit doing it, and you have the proof of them doing it. Just shoot the mother fuckers and save millions in tax dollars. They are not worthy of a damn trial, or anything. Throw their bodies for vultures to est.

  4. But cows and chickens are killed humanely not by torturing and kittens and puppies are domestic, to me its like killing a human for money.( ; _ ; )

  5. If I see a mouse or rat in my house I will crush it also any animal that can be a harm to me or my baby that enters my home is fair game

  6. If I see a mouse or rat in my house I will crush it also any animal that can be a harm to me or my baby that enters my home is fair game

  7. People like this, I think we’re born wrong. They need putting down, the same as pedos, you can not rehabilitate these fucks.

  8. 45 years isnt enough, they should get life with no parole. they are sick, evil, nasty, ignorant, low life pieces of shit and no mercy needs to be shown to them. For those crying that this isnt fair or thats to much time, maybe theres something wrong with you and you need to join them in prison. NO mercy should be shown to them cuz they showed no mercy to all those innocent anumals they tortured

  9. This is sick! 😨 Why do people like this exist? Kill these Animals for what reason? How is this sexual? These people will burn in Hell for eternity.

  10. They are no better than China. China skins animals alive for profit. And some of them survive for hours afterwards! It’s horrible and sickening!

  11. . who’s sicker? thats a good question and i dont really know how to answer it. part of me feels the ones actually crushing the animal is but then the other part of me fes they are equally as sick. to torture an innocent life like that and not feel guilt, remorse, shame, pity, sadness….. theres something really wrong with you and you dont deserve freedom

  12. They aren’t the real couple. Dorma "Chita" Ridon and Vincente Ridon are the real producers and creators of the fucking crush videos.

    One of their videos, a puppy being crushed to death by 3 bitches, went viral on Brazil and USA. Then, brazilian websites contaced Rochelle Redogon from PETA, which said that they were arrested in August 2012. Thank God.

  13. It’s even sicker than it sounds. I know…accidentally. Once it hit me that I was NOT watching a news clip, it was too late. Couldn’t stop it. What’s worse is they get underage kids to do it…and the kids like it.

  14. There is still a crush video on Deafcube.com of 3 girls torturing and killing a puppy!  I tried to reach the website owner and I’ve had no luck.  Maybe, you might have better luck?  It breaks my heart to think that these videos are still circulating.  Side note: Ashley was convicted on 3 counts of animal abuse and got 10 years in prison!  

  15. there’s a petition id like you all to sign if you havent already… i live in UK and we need a lot more signatures, dont be ignorant with this.. we all gotta do our part i didnt wanna see this kinda shit but im not gonna turn my head and pretend i didnt see it. We all have to sign it… because with 850,000 signs a law will come into effect with seriously punishments, please type in change.org animal crush petition uk and sign it, do your part and be proud we’re fighting these fucks on this

  16. ”I feel animal should be respected” .. i agree but what are we supposed to eat then ????   all animal should get the same respect right ?? no second class animal that would be kind of racist,  i guess we have a huge probem with cattle and chicken unless their is a second class of animal ..

  17. Hay cosas que no entiendo:El matar animales para no alimentarse es un hecho deleznable. Y las leyes americanas lo sancionan. Es justo. PERO,en Irak y Afganistan mataron como a perros a decenas de miles de hombres,mujeres,niños. En ese caso, no hay delito. En mi país se prohíbe fumar cigarrillos sistematicamente. Pero los estudiantes menores fuman pasta base y marihuana libremente en la calles…

  18. It was not enough for women and men snuff. These people are Satanic. That is a woman that needs to be tortured. Never killed.

  19. I made the mistake of watching one on youtube before youtube deleted them all because they are illegal in the US. It is a memory I dread having and I can’t shake it. It will forever be in my head so be happy you never watched one. I believe it all started in China. They truly get off on killing puppies and kittens. Very disgusting. I call those people sociopaths.

  20. yo real rap bitches put dead people, animals and all types of synthetic bullshit in their heads. Gluing it in, sewing it in. Now this shit is sick and an act of desperation but I guess we all have an opinion. I see motherfuckas doing all types of shit. I say FTW get that $

  21. What people need to realize is that these animal "crush" video rings are seriously snuff film rings. People aren’t just watching them, they’re ORDERING them and PAYING to have them made. I read on one article that some people were actually giving them the animals that they want to see tortured to death.

    Someone said that that Filipino couple that’s been locked up for life for making "crush" videos are the ones who started this, but they’re not. It’s been going on since at least the ’90s according to one court document I read and first broke into the media about a decade ago when a bunch of these videos surfaced from East Asia that caused an outcry and an investigation. It happens all over the world. Some of the girls/women are forced into doing it for money or being of human trafficking and some are just psychopaths who enjoy it like that Ashley Richards monster appears to be.

    Also, these videos also include animals like snails, lobsters, crabs, fish, etc. and I think those should be banned, too. You can’t tell me those animals don’t feel pain and suffer in some way. So far, only vertebrates are covered by the laws, which is a good start.

    Personally, I think these videos are worse than even child porn. Although it’s obviously traumatic to the child, they aren’t usually crushed, cut into pieces, beheaded, burnt, etc.  – tortured to death!

    Richards got 10 years. That’s a start, but not nearly enough for what she did to those living, feeling beings. I would support the death penalty for such crimes. Such people are irredeemable. (Those who make child porn should get the death penalty, too.)

    It’s also not helpful to compare this to killing animals for food. The psychology of a person who kills an animal quickly and humanely for food is worlds away from a person who tortures sensate beings to death in the most horrific ways, for enjoyment (sexual or otherwise). The big difference is that the torturer enjoys the suffering and the pain inflicted on the defenseless but the person killing for food can still have empathy and so seek to make it as quick and humane as possible for the animal out of respect for them.

  22. I’ve never heard of this. This is disgusting and evil. Animals have rights too and the deserve respect.

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