How to Master Video Editing in Blender.

How to Master Video Editing in Blender.

In this in depth tutorial, learn how to edit video using the blender video sequence editor. Perfect for mastering VFX in blender!

This tutorial is part of an extra training tutorial in the Blender VFX learning pack, “Light it Up”, the full pack can be purchased here: for $10 and includes:

– Over 5 hours of tutorials and training
– 3 royalty free music tracks
– Video assets
– Sound effects
– And more!

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  1. You guys shoulda put an empty mag in the gun. It would look better. Or put a mag with bullets in it in the gun. But I’m assuming you were being safe by not putting a mag in the gun.

  2. 5:40 you say unlimited number of tracks? The channel cap is 32, which is extremely annoying for me when I’m editing since effect strips take their own track and its reallly easy to fill up all 32….making you have to condense sections into meta strips, which is bothersome micro work.

  3. How do I make the width of the clip in the preview box wider? its like a square and if I zoom with mouse wheel it just zooms???

  4. It’s incredible how they were able to translate so many Blender conventions into a video editor. I already knew about keyframing, grabbing, scaling, the graph editor and stuff. And now all of that makes such intuitive sense as I edit videos. It gives incredibly powerful control if you already understand Blender and can apply that knowledge to video editing conventions.

  5. Hi all, how can I blend two videos, which are filmed at the same path, but taken at a different time, like different seasons. The frames do not match, so I have to overlay them first and then when certain points align, cut both videos and stitch them together. Thanks in advance.

  6. Maybe someone can help me with my problem about the video editing. My scene is ready (it’s just one scene and it is about 1800 frames long) and I would like to insert it via Add – Scene – Scene. That worked well the last time I did this, now I added one more animation and it doesn’t work anymore. It now just insert a small strip with about 200 frames cut out in the middle of my scene. Changing startframe and length in the n-menu doesn’t work at all.

    Does anybody has an idea what the problem could be? Is my scene to long?

    PS: I use cycles render if it matters.

    Thank you sooo much for your help!!

  7. Decent job. two first thoughts. The word "cache" is pronounced like "cash", and showing how to save the file as an .mpg would have completed it.

  8. i have a problem with mine. you see the line(not the green line but the gray line) where the video starts up to the line where it stops? my video is longer than that what should i do for me to be able to view the whole video without it stopping?

  9. My video is always lagging. It doesn’t seem to want to cache anything past 250 frames. Am I doing something wrong?

  10. that draw waveform thing is rly good to kno, thxs. was a poroblem for me shifting through the audio kinda guessing and trail and error to get it all included in my cuts.

  11. Hello Kenan: I am new user to Blender. and perhaps you can help me. When I render animnation frames at 250 frames, and them input those frames into Blender VSE, is there a way of increasing the frames for longer video?. How I am doing it is duplicating the frames. but that restarts the video. What I want is to lengthen the video? Can that be done in Blender VSE?
    Do you have a tutorial on that?

  12. first of all, thank you for those useful tips. I am using blender for almost 2 years now. friends forced me into game production/design. I was surprised to see how powerful this free software actually is, but as a editor, I never thought of using Blender, until few days when I almost lost it with FinalCut. And guess what, it is much better than FinalCut.

  13. How exactly did you change the length of the end frame? I thought it’d be as simple as just clicking and dragging but the green line just follows along and i can’t really progress when following your tutorial if i can’t get past this. I’ve tried right clicking, holding G, nothing I try seems to work.

  14. I’m trying to edit a 1 minute clip but it goes past my timeline and I tried to do everything you said but nothings working

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