How to Setup a Video Editing Studio

How to Setup a Video Editing Studio

Running Film:

*I am not associated with any products included in this video, I am sharing my opinions.*

Equipment Used:
CAMERAS: Canon T3i with Tamron 17-50mm f/2.8 VC

Rode VideoMic Pro

Fluorescent Head with PhotoSel 85W Full Spectrum
Aputure AL-5280S

Final Cut Pro X, Motion 5, Logic Pro 9, GIMP 2.8


Host and Creator: Simon Cade


  1. Hi Simon. Are you from UK? I really enjoy your videos. Im starting now a YouTube chanel and im learning a lot from your videos. Hope to meet you one day. Cheers mate

  2. hey buddy nice video.
    I’m investing so much in to my YouTube.
    I’ve got a imac pro but wanna get a Imac desk to what one is the best would you say.
    I’m kinda useless at use macs atm ha if you see my videos you will see I’m a meathead ha.

    also is final cut pro worth it

  3. You should look at some gaming setups to get better ideas. Poor cable management and design to compliment the room. Maybe. moneys an issue is why youve chosen to go the route you have. I totally understand that. But paint the walls o the color of your liking, then get equipment to compliment the colors. Instead of having bit parts of furniture that dont even match, that could be worked on as well. I think an l shape desk would work nicely for you, to host the piano on it, then get a tall bookshelf with many drawers on it. Get enough to hold everything else in it. Maybe even a table against the wall to hold you bag and other cables, and then cover and attach your cables up. Hope that sets some goals for you with ideas you might like.

  4. Quality Time with people you love!!! I have been watching you for a couple of years. but that was the best piece of advice yet!! thank you brother!!

  5. Pse explain with the connectivity of equipment’s of video editing process with computer or software. it will make easier for beginners

  6. Yo Simon, Wanted to say thank you. Looked at your video and it kinda inspired me to clean up a few things and tried to make a few positive changes in my own house, to turn one of my spare rooms into a studio of sorts. Hopefully will put up some pic in a few days time and show you what i’m doing or did already. To renovate something akin to turning my PC and environment, i’ve got into a partial media place for editing and gaming centre.

    Although i’m always lacking that "art table" i truly need. anyways dude, wanted to say thank you!

  7. If you make a diagram of your room and send it to Auralex the will tell you what acoustic treatment you need for your room and where to put it. The service is FREE!

  8. I’m really curious as to how you started. All this equipment. If you worked for it that would be a very good video for inspiration. Inspiring others that through hard work you can pursue your dreams and afford all you need for those dreams. Furthermore, even if that’s not the case you’ve still used the life you’ve been blessed with to prosper, that’s also inspiring.

  9. Hi simon. When you are editing your t3i footage on your mac, is 2gb vram enough for color grading for smooth playback in your editing software? I don’t know if you use final cut pro, but I know that Premiere pro cc should have really good hardware to run smoothly? And what gpu do you have?

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