Buddy Rich: Drum Solo (…improved Video and Sound quality)

Buddy Rich: Drum Solo (…improved Video and Sound quality)

Drum Solo from Channel One Suite – 1978 – The Hague (The Netherlands) – The Big Band is: Andy Fusco – Chuck Wilson – Steve Marcus – Gary Pribeck – Greg Smith – John Marshall – Mike McGovern – Mark Ohlsen – Chuck Schmidt – Glenn Franke – Dale Kirkland – George Moran – Bob Kaye – Tom Warrington…more Videos here at DRUMMERWORLD: http://www.drummerworld.com


  1. Wow! Great quality! One of the best videos of Buddy and his band, ever! Mike McGovern’s solo, too at +1:37 sounds soooo good! Thank you!

  2. Any drummer that never " Got Him" I feel very sorry for . You may have other younger guys you liked more but if you can’t see this guy for the total genius that he was then you are tone deaf … There was never anything like him before and there will be nobody like him again .

  3. Buddy Made Drumming Seem So Easy. He Played so Relaxed and Smooth. If he was still around I Bet he would still be Playing His Drums. R. I. P Mr. Rich. We are still trying to figure out how You did what You Did.

  4. MOTHER WORD, THAT WAS BEYOND FATASTIC. I CAN SING THE MELODY THROUGH THE EARLY PART OF THE SOLO. THIS GUY WAS EXTREMELY ADVANCED . IF YOU BREAK APART THE SOLO AND LOOK AT THE RIFFS, YOU COULD BE THERE ALL DAY. Buddy was an unbelievable creative genius with a heavy concept. And he swung the band beautifully. The sound quality on this make this my favorite in the prodigious body of work the man left.Beautiful.

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