How To Build A Video Editing Computer | $850 Ryzen PC Beginners Build Guide | 2017

How To Build A Video Editing Computer | $850 Ryzen PC Beginners Build Guide | 2017

❗ Full list of parts used in this build:
My brother is getting into video editing and asked me to build the best video editing computer I could for $850. I said yes, as long as I get to make a video about it!
I’m now going to show you all the parts that I bought as well as tell you why I bought them. Then I’m going to show you exactly how to put them all together, and at the end I’ll press the power button and hopefully(!) everything will work.

🛠 Full parts list for this build (updated January 2018):
– Powerful yet cheap CPU:
– Even more powerful CPU for 4K editing:
– Great bang-for-your-buck motherboard:
– Blazing fast SSD (the one I should have bought):
– 16 Glorious Gigabytes of RAM:
– Killer graphics card for 4K editing & gaming):
– Cheaper graphics card (still very good):
– Hefty power supply:
– Gorgeous (and cheap) case:
– Keyboard with Macros (and RGB!):
– Beautiful 1080p monitor that won’t make you poor:
– Even more beautiful 4K monitor (under $500):
– Best mouse I’ve ever used:

⏲ Video Timeline (cause this thing is long!)
00:00 – Intro
01:18 – Why I’m building this video editing computer
01:47 – The “Mac vs. PC” debate and why it is dumb
03:47 – Parts overview!
04:56 – The CPU and why I picked it
07:34 – All about dat motherboard (yes, it has RGB)
09:10 – The SSD I picked (and why it was a bad choice)
09:53 – What you’ve been waiting for – the graphics card!
12:22 – RAM, lots of it, but I wish it was faster
14:18 – Powah! As in power supply
17:12 – The oh so pretty computer case!
19:45 – TIME TO BUILD IT! – case unboxing
20:32 – Super important part of the assembly process
23:04 – Power Supply Installation
27:28 – Putting the motherboard into the case (not a dirty joke)
34:24 – Implanting the brain of the computer (CPU Install)
36:17 – Keep cool by installing your CPU cooler
40:13 – M.2 SSD insertion
42:35 – Let’s install some ram!
48:42 – Time to wire everything
1:04:02 – Powering it on (will it work?!)
1:07:09 – Benchmarks and final thoughts


📷 Filmmaking gear I love:

I filmed this video with:
Insane lowlight camera:
My favorite wide angle lens:
Killer ND filter/adapter for lenses:
Ridiculously tiny recorder and mic:
The best travel tripod ever:

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  1. There might be an obvious answer to this, but will you need to download a specific operating system like Windows 10 or MacOS once using the PC for the first time, and if so where can you download it from?

  2. If you are video editing you should really just scrap the gpu and buy a higher end cpu and ram with FASTER speeds, not necessarily more memory.

  3. Yay Matt, I got it all put together today and it powered on. What’s next? I would a little info that got you to the next morning with computer starting the first time, etc.

  4. Been watching your videos and looking up what to get and how to build and this shows up in my feed. What.

  5. I just graduated college- I have been video editing on older macbook pros since my senior year of high school and now that I have a full time job I was going to buy myself a new iMac for editing. After watching this video, I am SOLD on building my own almost identical to this. I can’t thank you enough for this video and advice, I will let you know when I get my build done!! Thanks again!!

  6. Hi Matt, I built my PC with the parts you suggested and its working fine except its struggling to edit 4K Multicam is there something im doing wrong. I use Premier Pro CC 2018

  7. Do I need to buy the operating system apart from all of this? (Sorry I don’t know much about building pcs)

  8. Hi Matt. Thank you for the video. What motherboard would be compatible with this part list and be wifi capable?
    Further, if I wanted to add a TB of HD, what model would you recommend?
    Even further, if I wanted to add another SSD HD, so that I have two SSD’s and one regular HD. Does this motherboard support these three HDs?

    For the CPU, the link you have shows the model to be YD1600BBAEBOX but this model is not listed on the motherboard website CPU Support List. Will the one you suggest still be compatible with the motherboard?
    I’m genuinely interested in the AMD RYZEN 5 2600X 6-Core 3.6 GHz (4.2 GHz Max Boost) Socket AM4 95W YD260XBCAFBOX Desktop Processor and wonder if this one is compatible with the motherboard? But this model number is not listed on the CPU Support List. Would you comment on this?

    Thank you!

  9. This makes me want to build a computer now! I watched this from start to finish, it’s my birthday today and now debating on buying my birthday gift computer or now building it..🤔 and mind you this, I’m not technical at all but watching your video gave me some kind of computer super powers🧙‍♂️ and I feel like I can do it!👍

  10. I almost stopped watching the video when you brought out for 6GB video card for a budget video editing PC. Glad I carried on now and you rightly explained that 6GB isn’t necessary for video editing alone, as the processor is more important for video editing. You should have explained that at the start, but you got there. Nice one.

  11. only one error, you have to plug the 4 prong plug on the main motherboard power in before the larger part as it has a little bevel that secures it which needs to be lipped under the large one, otherwise, this was 100% perfect and really helped me a ton building my system.

  12. Thank you so much! I plan on ordering the parts and having someone help me set it up. I hope everything works well.

  13. Hey Matt, so I’m planning on building a PC and using the Asus ROG STRIX B350-F which you have used in this video. However, In terms of the RAM I have looked at a G.Skill F4-3000C15D-16GTZR Trident Z R GB Series 16 GB (2 x 8) and was wondering if this would be compatible with the AMD Ryzen 5 1400 processor as I’m not sure and new to this whole pc interior thing.

  14. My Monitor gets ‘no signal’ even though the hardware seems to work just fine and correctly. All fans a spinning and leds are on :'(
    what coudl be the issue?

  15. Matt, great video. Do you have recommendations (and/or links) if I wanted to take this build and upgrade to 32gb ram and a 1tb SSD harddrive? Thanks.

  16. super awesome man! you and your wife are very funny. I’m building my own P.C for personal and film editing use and you’ve given great tips and excellent resources. if you have any other build that’s better for 2018 with the same budged, please link me the video.

  17. Hey Matt! I’ll be building a computer within the next few months to streamline my editing process (right now I’m surviving off of your Proxy Workflow Methods). I do have a question about M.2 drives that you may be able to answer… With this AB350 motherboard, there are two m.2 slots. One is the much faster PCIe, and the other is the standard SATA3. If I wanted to run a combination of of a 256gb drive for boot/programs, and a 1tb drive as my working current projects drive, where should I prioritize the PCIe speed? Will my SATA3 boot/program drive create a bottleneck if I’m constantly accessing premiere/lightroom files through a 1tb PCIe slot? Thanks for all the information you’ve shared thus far, it’s been so helpful!

  18. Great Video Matt!… Seriously weighing options and considering my first build..a budget 4k video editing PC. Your insight is much appreciated.

  19. Hey Matt being that this video is about 10 months old would you still recommend this build rather then going with Intel ? Any problem at all with ryzen and Adobe premiere or does it work seamlessly ? Any how love your work !

  20. love the build! it was great!! I love that you explained everything very well and showed how to do it from opening the box to plugging it. i would love more budget builds. I’m getting into photoshop, premiere pro and after effects and would like to see more stuff related to those and builds related to them.

  21. I have a 9 year old macbook pro and it just isn’t man enough for editing 4k. I’ve watched this video twice. I’m surprised how little the setup has changed since I built my own over 10 years ago………even down to the arm to secure the processor. Brill video. thanks.

  22. Thanks for this tutorial. I do little in the way of video editing and nothing with gaming. I do a lot of photo editing with LR and PS. Would you make any changes in your gear list with that in mind?
    Thanks again.

  23. @matt whoismatt johnson could you do a $1500 pc setup with monitor and peripherals? I cant find any video on that. A pc for streaming/ editing/ photoshop/ gaming

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