How to make a VLOG – A FULL TUTORIAL on Producing, Editing, and Shooting

How to make a VLOG – A FULL TUTORIAL on Producing, Editing, and Shooting

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Having a Masters degree in filmmaking (and not forgetting my Masters in science), I’ve always been taught that VLOG-style videos are just poor filmmaking. I will admit that I have a hard time making vlogs that are poorly lit or just sound awful. I like making all of my videos with a certain amount of production value. But, vlogs can look great. I hope to pass on how easy that can be here.

While I’m not the expert at vlogging, I have a few suggestions that should make your piece sound and look good. Actually, much of this is directed towards the newbie, but I feel many of you who already make videos, will probably enjoy the review as well.

Oh, I highly recommend the well shot and smily Sally Le Page:

Also, I recommend checking out more videos from my filmmaking program in Montana via their Youtube channel Terra:

I’ll be making a video of other great filmmaking channels in future videos. Thanks for watching!

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  1. Oooh, so thaats how they do that ‘claymation’ type drawing. 🙂 What was the time-lapse photo-taking thingy called?

  2. Love the video the lighting tips really help I am working on setting up some lights in my work space.

  3. hey! great video. just the right portion of information for starting the research on the topic. i really can’ understand what software you are using for editing. may you please tell me the app’s name?

  4. I have a school laptop but I just wanna take a video on my phone put it on my laptop edit it so the sound on the video is muted then put my own audio file over it and save it that’s it. how do I do it im 15 btw, so don’t shy on the details I can understand X). But also I need a software or any way to do this without spending money because im poor..

  5. Thank you for sharing you expertise. Great video!

    I like the richness of color and contrast of your video. What kind of software and filters do you recommend for that look?

  6. Amazing video!!!
    I really want to start a science blog with amazing things about the brazilian animals and insects (my passion).

  7. I’ll have to see what your other films are. Although I think vlogging in general is downhill on youtube.

  8. Very good intro video. I honestly had no idea you needed all those lights and mics to look and sound good.
    Now that you explained, it makes perfectly good sense. Keep up the good work 👍

  9. Say I was recording on the camera how would I import the footage into the laptop or computer. Thanks for the advice

  10. Your videos are very awesome!! I am making a video to give shout outs to youtubers who i think deserve it. Would it be ok if I used your channel to shout out to people?

  11. Hey Rob.
    Great and infomative video. Been following you since last year. Love how personality there is involved in your clips.
    Supporting you all the way from Denmark.
    This video got me motivated.
    Cheers mate!

  12. Hey great vid . . I stumbled across it because I’m looking to find out the answer to something similar. I keep seeing these blog style videos on insta and fb, we’re they have a black banner at the top and bottom of the vid. Then the top will have a title in it and the bottom has subtitles popping up.

    How are these being made? Are they cropping the top and bottom of the vids and adding the text themselves in premiere or final cut or is there some app out there that does this for you?

  13. Yewon. Is the fitness blog on your Yewon2001 channel? I think you should put up a 1 minute video on the homepage that describes what the channel is. Maybe some channel art too? Those two things would make it seem like you’re putting in a bunch of effort. Of course, you’ve got about as many subscribers as I do, so what do I know. 🙂

  14. Ok I am starting a fitness vlog but I want to know how I could gain traction. Maybe you’d be willing to watch and give feedback. They’re short videos 3 minutes.

  15. I superbly entertained by the prospect of entertaining.
    Going to get the ball rolling all down that hill because hell yeah.

  16. Thank you very much! This is just what I need to give my videos a lift. Thanks for all your tutorials – they’re fantastic 🙂

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