EASIEST Video Editing Software/Video Editor 2018! (EASY TO LEARN & USE)

EASIEST Video Editing Software/Video Editor 2018! (EASY TO LEARN & USE)

Today we’re doing EASIEST Video Editing Software/Video Editor 2018! (EASY TO LEARN & USE) | ItsJackCole
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How to Edit YouTube Videos FOR FREE (2018)


Download: https://www.movavi.com

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  1. I’m so sad. I used this and made an amazing video with the free subscription. It had a ton of watermarks. Do you know any other easy editors without watermarks?

  2. GREAT! never used anything to edit any video and i just started streaming and this works perfect as im a beginner lol. subbed and liked ma dood

  3. Find more FREE video editing software in this Playlist!💥

  4. This software is NOT open source or free software…
    It now tries to make you buy stuff , and it puts a water mark on your video’s…


  6. I don’t trust any "free" software that is NOT available for Linux…
    All open source / free software 99% of the time starts in Linux…

  7. This is good for someone like me. But how do you make a video like this where I can see you and see what you are looking at the same time?

  8. DONT DOWNLOAD THESE! I worked 6 hours on Movavi Project and then my film had a GIANT watermark on it. The real version costs 30 bucks if u think it s worth it..

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