14 – Blender Video Editing (Video & Audio Crossfades / Frame Range Repeat)

14 – Blender Video Editing (Video & Audio Crossfades / Frame Range Repeat)

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Learn to Video Edit with Blender
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Video Description

I show you how to do a Gamma Crossfade and an Audio Crossfade.
In addition, I show you how you can set your frame range to preview while you edit your transitions.



00:00 – Previous video review.

00:22 – Intro to today’s video.

00:51 – Let’s do a Gamma Cross transition

2:52 – Set Frame Range for playback while editing

4:18 – Crossfade Audio strips.

The video being edited is “Big Buck Bunny”
(c) copyright 2008, Blender Foundation / www.bigbuckbunny.org

It utilize the Creative Commons 3 license:


  1. So bad as$. ย I can’t stop watching. ย Already subscribed, I will go back later and ‘like’ them all.

  2. I got this far in one evening and learned so much. Thank you Mikeycal! I always enjoyed blender but haven’t used it for quite some time and never for video editing. What a great tool set.

  3. The "s" and "e" keyboard shortcuts for setting the start and end frame seem to be broken in 2.76b (in Ubuntu). The "s" shortcut triggers the "slip strip contents" function. and "e" triggers "Grab/Extend from frame", both in the strip menu. Strange that both keys seem to be mapped to two very different functions…

    My bad, I had missed your instructions to hover the mouse over the timeline when pressing those keys! So the function that keypresses trigger can be specific to the panel you’re hovering the mouse over… interesting!

  4. What about simply fading out sound? I tried CTRL + click in the curves editor and nothing happens :/

  5. i am not getting gamma cross effect across two video strips,after doing the same things you did?

  6. Excellent tutorial I liked and subscribed! ๐Ÿ˜€ย 

    Quick question though. My knowledge of video editing it still very limited and I was wondering why you click animation instead of render when you’re rendering a video.
    You might have said it and I just missed it lol
    Thanks and great job ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Hey Mikey! How do I save a project that I am working on for later? When I clicked on File and Save, it saved my project, but when I opened it back up all my video and audio strips were present, but they wouldn’t play in the playback window! ย 

  8. In Teaching something something you should always lower yourself to a twelve year old perspective and you are doing a good job!!
    Very clear instructions without skipping anything!!
    Thanks allot man!!

  9. I have a problem: I have a fade in and a fade out, and when I make either kind of cut in the video, the gamma cross from the fade out moves and gets longer instead of just staying where it is.

  10. Impressive series! watched from video 0 (history of blender) up to here, will continue this evening.
    Thanks a lot Mikeycal, it’s extremely useful for novice to Blender like me.

  11. hi, and thanks a lot for your tutorials, they are incredibly useful and clear. I’m editing a very long video these days, and I got two questions about it that I would be glad if you helped me with:
    1) Is there a way to put back together a strip you just cut? If there is one of your videos that explains that, sorry I could not see it before.
    2) I was trying to male a double crossfade between three couple of audio and video strips (AB on channels 1 and 2 crossfades to CD on channels 3 and 4, which crosfade back to EF on channels 1 and 2). It all worked nice and well (I did it with soft cuts) until I suddenly found out that the audio was gone. I checked the properties in all the audio strips involved and the "Volume" setting was set to 0 and had a green background instead of grey. If I try to change the setting, it allows me, but when I playback, or unselect the strip and select it again, it’s zero once again.
    Was it my fault? And how can i solve the problem? If you, or anyone of the viewers could help, it would be awesome. Thanks a lot!

  12. hey Mikey!great video! i love your series and using blender i just have a small problem right now..i was cutting part of my video that i didnt want and then doing gamma cross transition from one video strip to another just like you show in your videos and its working great so i had to do that several times so i was going up and up to the channel you know the y channel until some point i couldnt past the 32 channel and all my transitions were going to the right(channel x) and i couldnt do a fade out cause i couldntย  put the color above the video clip..so in summary the max y channel for me was 32 although i could see that there were more above..do you know why this happening and how to fix it?? its very annoying cause its like a limitation for the transitions! thanks in advance!

  13. The crossfading between sound strips makes perfect sense. But how do you fade out a sound strip on its own, i.e. fading a sound strip out at the end of a video?

  14. Thanks these are some of the most needed vids for blender…..video editing in the open source arena is rare enough, but one that crosses all three platforms….well you know, Thanx again, and please keep them up ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Thank you for this amazing video, Mikeycal! I finally knew why the shortcut keys for _Set Start Frame_ & _Set End Frame_ don’t work. It’s because I forgot the Timeline sitting down below!๐Ÿ˜‚

  16. I can see the power of blender, but the interface for video editing seems tedious compared to kdenlive

  17. I don’t know if you mentioned this in your series, but is there a way to show the audio track levels so I can line up certain overlays with times when the audio gets really loud?

  18. Hi Mikeycal!
    Thank you for your very useful tutorials!
    How can I modify/adjust in real time the volume of an audio track?
    In particular, I need to increase the volume at the beginning of the track and then slowly decrease it in the middle of the track itself.

  19. How can I remove the audio crossfade?
    Edit: found it out. Right click on the strips and choose "clear keyframes" in the volume entry.

  20. I’ve watched all of the episodes!

    How do I fade to a specific color

    (How do I change the color of the color layer thing)


  21. you’re a great teacher thanks a lot!! I’ve learned more with these tutorials than with my teacher!! Very helpful ๐Ÿ˜€

  22. I moved a video/audio clip forward so I could use a gamma cross with a picture. In doing this, it broke a cut later in my video so that there was a gap in the frames. Is there any way to link things together so if I forget to make a fade I don’t have to go back and fix my whole video to make it run together smoothly again?

  23. I’ve tried the crossfade sounds option, but it leads to audio just being silenced on certain parts of my video after I do the final render.

  24. Awesome, untill now I was doing sound crossings manually with setting keyframes for volume for each strip…. This alone will save me a lot of time, thanks ๐Ÿ˜€ Is there a way to put it on some shortcut? That would be awesome, becouse putting together 100+ clips per week is still quite time consuming ๐Ÿ˜€

  25. How do I make a video transitions where the video is in the corner and extends out to the whole screen.ย 

  26. After using "Crossfade sounds" feature, blender will actually automatically build the audio volume keyframe for you. You can check that with Graph Editor and see what going on with those curves, the volumn value property change by time.

  27. I ask here as its best fitting: I record in 3 different audio-strips(?) in a mp4, desktop, micro and desktop+micro, can i edit this 3 strips seperately in Blender or do i have to extract them first and import them seperaterly?

  28. I’m having trouble. For some reason whenever I try to apply any effect strips to my video I get an error saying that I can’t apply effects to audio strips. The video has audio, and I’m doing everything this guy is going but I’m still getting this error and nothing is happening. What am I doing wrong?

  29. Great videos. Thanks. But I am editing my video and it keeps restarting, or looping. And I can’t figure out how to stop that. To just make it stop at the end. Probably something silly I did. Can you help me?

  30. You may have the looping on in editor. Or your cursor placement most likely you turned on a specific effect . Check your status window.

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