Editing Audio from Video in Adobe Audition 3.0

Editing Audio from Video in Adobe Audition 3.0

Ever take video at an event like a baseball game and realize that you picked up way to much wind or background noise? This tutorial should help you identify, capture and minimalize that sound. You can follow me on twitter @ourvoiceoverguy
Audio forensic tools provided in Adobe Audition 3.0 make it easy for you.
If you need any voiceover work done. Send me a copy of the script you want read and I will get you a quote in less than 24 hours.

Baseball clip of my son captured by the FLIP HD MINO and the FLIP HD ULTRA. Great camera can be bought here:

Self explanatory video to remove noise.. in audio files… even video files..


  1. So i edited the sounds in the video, but when I try to export it, it only exports the wav file. How do I save the video with the edited sounds with it.

  2. Hey nice work as usual, i appreciate putting this tut together so fast now i can work on this film mess i am doing for someone alot of noise inconsistant vocal levels different scenes and frames has different sound tones but now i will be a hero thanks to you .

    Thanks so much

  3. I just had to figure this out and thought I’d save some people a headache.

    Adobe Audition doesn’t let you edit the audio inside a video. What it will do though, is *extract* the audio from a video and let you edit a copy of the video’s audio. It does this automatically if you drop a video file onto Audition.

    So you can edit this new audio file, and watch as the original video file plays. Which makes you think you’re editing the video, but you’re not.

    When you’re done, the final result of your work is an audio file. Not a video file. There’s no way to tell Audition "Ok, now export that video with the edited audio."

    Audition expects you to save the newly edited audio file out, and then in a video editing application, marry the audio back to the video.

    I believe if you’re using Adobe Premiere, you can do this with project files so the process is seamless. But you can’t just grab a video file, drop it into Audition, edit the audio, and then save the video back out again.

  4. i dragged a AVI file into audition but the audio track didnt seperate, how can i extract audio form a AVI file?

  5. Hello hey do u know any settings for singers such as myself 🙁
    The rapping settings don’t sound rite for singers :-/

  6. @ChefRski i have a movie sequence whit music and video and some voices and sounds in the background which i liked to delete. i only want to keep the song. can u help me using this program?

  7. Thanks for the video. I am leaning towards investing in Adobe Creative Cloud for video editing and was wondering how I will mix the audio. Audition seems to work rather well!

  8. All that I need is to cut some audio and move it back because the lips are out of sink on my video, is it really that hard for one video to fix this

  9. Hi, I’m from mexico I have a question, what kind of format should the video? is AVI? I have audition 3.0 but I can not import video, my videos are in avi format

  10. How do I move a clip from left to right.. I don’t know how to drag the file.. Can someone please help me.. Thanks!

  11. This is going to unlock so many posibilities and improve the quality of a production I’m working on. Thank you so much for your help Ray!

  12. @rttut1 We do diagnostic work here in the studio along with our video services. The problem with telling you how to do it would take to long and requires hours of specialty editing removal. I could do it, but would have to charge you. Normal reduction would be hard in this case due to the fact that voice range would most surely mix in your mids. email me ray at ourvoiceoverguy com and I can give you a quote.

  13. OMG!!!!! thank u so much!!!! my neighbour studies Graphic Design, and he wants to make an alien’s fight video, and guess who’s the Audio Engineer!!!!! Thank u very, very much!!!!! no more doubts, suscribe without thinking

  14. @OKLAHOMALOVE2 left click to move it to track window and right click to move it left or right

  15. Nice tutorial …I got Adobe Audition 1.5…..I never got 3.0 cause I felt it was too hard to use….1.5 is way easier to use…thanks for the the help…..Thumbs Up!

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