Best Video Editing App For Android, FilmoraGo (with Themes & Effects!)

Best Video Editing App For Android, FilmoraGo (with Themes & Effects!)

Filmora has a Christmas gift for all our users – our first video editing app for mobile devices, FilmoraGo for Android. It’s a free app and offers powerful video editing tools, beautiful special effects and handcrafted themes. It is available today on Google Play and our website:

With FilmoraGo for Andoird, you can create you videos on one tap with our themes or from scratch using FilmoraGo’s powerful editing tools and effects. You will find some of Filmora’s most popular filters, overlays, music, motion graphics and titles in FilmoraGo video editing app. Now you can create beautiful videos on the go.

This holiday season, FilmoraGo video editing app offers Christmas theme and holiday special effects for all Android users. You can easily make a holiday video with FilmoraGo’s Christmas theme on one tap and share with your friends and family. You can also create your own holiday style with FilmoraGo’s snow effect, Christmas songs, holiday titles and other Christmas effects. We hope you will have a very merry Christmas and capture the beautiful moments with your loved ones.

FilmoraGo video editing app has made video creation for social media super easy. You can not only import your photos and videos from your phone albums but from your Facebook and Instagram accounts. So you can easily import your video from last Christmas or photos you are tagged in into FilmoraGo for editing. Once finish, you can share to Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo and other social media platform. So your friends and family can watch your videos right away.

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  1. On the computer version, are you able to put tons of photos together to make a timelapse. If you go out with your camera and take a hundred pictures of the clouds or something, can you put them together in Filmora? Also, is Filmora available for Mac?

  2. question can you add flash effect and masking effects? cause it seems almost every editing app has cheesy or lame effects

  3. I have been using this application on my Android phone for some time now. I have a question for you. How do I upload more music from FilmoraGo?

  4. I Downloaded the app more found the option to share the video only does the app save .
    I do not know speak very good English 🙂

  5. Sorry filmora for keep posting, but I keep having issues. I recorded mc videos, and I tried to edit them, But anytime I put them in the timeline to edit. Whenever I pause or do anything it lags and plays back my voice and it just started. Idk if something happened. I tried to do everything such as reinstalling, shutting computer down, And also checked for updates.. Please help D:

  6. I came here from a youtube ad and I checked out the app, and clicked on the video, I am so looking forward to downloading this and giving this app a try 😀

  7. Filmora is a great app, I’m actually using it but when i save and export it, it says "Here have something error mp4" I dont understand pls answer. When i saved the first video, it saved and export but on the second video it says there is an error

  8. I think you should have a pan and zoom in effect like ALL of the editors you’ll find everywhere except Filmora doesn’t. Which really annoys me, I mean you’re clearly trying to be better then iMovie , well adding a pan and zoom in will help:)

    Please reply

  9. Hi Filmora! I just wondered if you’re going to release this app for iPhone soon. I just bought an iPhone and then I saw this, haha! Bad luck for me I guess… 😉 Thank you for your awesome editing program, I love it so much! 🙂

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