The best video editing apps on iPhone – Top 5

The best video editing apps on iPhone – Top 5

Which video editing app is right for you? Here are the Top 5 video editing apps on iPhone to help you decide which is right for the types of videos you want to create.

Adobe Spark Video:

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10 steps to create professional videos on your iPhone:

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  1. Very clean delivery in this review video. You’re way more comfortable in front of the camera than I am. I’m trying to get over myself and post a little more on my channel, but I like your energy here more. Really nice work. πŸ™‚

  2. Hello there, I’ve been searching on YouTube on a free video editing apps that you can do as you please.
    I did found a free app just like LumaFusion but it can only export the video up to 30 sec. There is a pro version of it but it’s not free.
    By any chance, do you know a free IOS video editing app that somewhat matches LumaFusion? I need to upload a video that is 15-30 mins long.

    Also the app that I’m talking about is Cute Cut and Cute Cut Pro, they actually do almost the same thing as the Luma Fusion.

  3. Could pls make a video on iMovie tutorial. I use this app but I don’t have that much knowledge about it …

  4. I have started my MotoVlogging channel and I am using IMovies and I believe it is one of the best,simple and free editing software. Please watch my video and provide your suggestion on editing quality #chromiesujit

  5. I would love to use Lumafusion but unfortunately I cannot buy it don’t have the money to do so but thanks for recommending it

  6. Thanks for video! I started using LumaFusion a week ago after using desktop video editors for years. I’m amazed by the wide range of functionality provided by this app. There are 2 things that if added would make LumaFusion perfect in my eyes: (1) Green screen support (2) Separate key frame animations for each element in a title.

  7. I am looking forward to giving some of them a go. I have been using a 4s with original OS so no software works. Getting a iphone 6 soon. I guess there are many screencapture apps too. I am so behind the times lol.

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