Producing Web Video is Only Getting Easier

Producing Web Video is Only Getting Easier Steve Garfield has been producing online video content since before there was a YouTube. He knows a thing or two about video blogging, and his book “Get Seen” is a step-by-step guide to help individuals and businesses create video content and get it on the web.

In this interview, we cover topics including the technical aspects of streaming and capturing video, how online video has evolved, and why more people should get started.

This video was filmed during a live broadcast from the BlogWorld & New Media EXPO 2011 in New York.

You can pick up “Get Seen” on Amazon here:

Steve Garfields official website is here:


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  3. @mp4podcastDOTcom Steve Garfield hides his subscribers but if you put someone on your checkout list on your page the subscribers of that person show up.

  4. Steve Garfield is a nice person but I think he’s bad at marketing. Steve Garfield only has 635 YouTube Subscribers. His YouTube channel does not have good videos.

    There is a cameraman that built his name up his name with Social media called Philip Bloom. The BBC did a story of him. Look on vimeo for this video.

    Philip Bloom / Social Media

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