4K Flowers & Leaves – Relaxing nature sound (2 hours video)

4K Flowers & Leaves – Relaxing nature sound (2 hours video)

A new video from proartinc.net provides deep relaxation effect with the help of beautiful images and soothing bird singing and other nature sounds. It is perfect for a quiet evening, it will help you to fall asleep, or otherwise, stay concentrated during your work day.
Our video was created to show the fragile beauty of the flowers. Marvel at their beauty and tenderness, feel their free spirit, relax and meditate!

YouTube compresses video, and the quality of the picture worsens significantly. If you want to enjoy the relaxation video in fantastic 4K quality, download it from http://proartinc.net/shop/nature-relaxation/flowers-and-leaves-relax/

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  1. Dear, can I take some piece of this forr my spring rythm video, I will credit u in my information!!
    thank u

  2. A wonderful relaxing touch of nature. It gives me a bit what I need, living in this city with this lack of nature. Much thanks for sharing this!

  3. Woow super BEAUTÍFUL and RELAXING ilove ÍT Great Super magíc SONG and thank you so much for SHARÍNG your LOVELY vídeo espectacular Super thank you so much !!!😊

  4. This is amazing! I wish people could make more of these kinds of videos. Very relaxing! Good job!

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