1. Cool, Loved it!!!! went more of to the equipment review side. Waiting for a video that tutors pls

  2. Do you want to know why this video has value before watching it fully? The sound of the video is good and the videoimage is crap. This tells me within a second that we are watching a soundman 🙂 Always a good indicater when you search info about sound. A real soundman thinks that sound is so important that it can be seen in the video. By the way, I am a soundman 🙂

  3. how can I get connected with the boom dealers or makers? or there a website? if there’s, please kindly send the website

  4. “Mixer” also denotes a combing of tracks, that is not what these units do, they are multi channel AD recorders with built in pre amps and digital limiters. Field audio Recorder is a more appropriate name, “mixing” happens in post.

  5. U shouldn’t need compression at all when ur tracking at proper levels, all u will do is reduce dynamic range and raise the noise floor. Also, if u record at 24 bit u should never even approach clipping at -18dbfs(standard daw input level)

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