3 Questions Before Producing A Video

3 Questions Before Producing A Video

Three Questions to ask before adding video to your marketing strategy

#1 – What purpose is this video going to serve?
This may sound simple By taking the time to write down the metrics and action you are looking to achieve will help the production process run smoothly.

Write down at least 3 metrics you want to achive

What action do you want viewers to take?
How many views do you want to achieve?
What channels will you place this video in?

#2 – How are you measuring the results?
The internet is a constantly changing arena, have a plan for your campaign. Look at the performance in two week increments. With each check-in look at the following:

– Attention span
o Where are viewers dropping off in the video?
o Where are people rewinding and watching again?
– CTR – A/B test the below
o Are people opening the email with your video in it?
o Does the thumbnail entice enough?
o Is your CTA present or powerful enough?
– What device are customers viewing it on?
o Deliver the video with larger text on mobile
o Create vertical videos for Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat

Through these bi-weekly tweaks your company will be producing and delivering effective video content to the right people at the right time with the right message.

#3 – How are you capturing leads and enabling sales?
Ever have a video that you were engrossed in, then, all of a sudden it stops because it is trying to load? Would you have given your email to see the rest of it? That can be one of the best ways to generate a lead. But it is not the only way.

Think about the content you are giving away in the video, should half of it be gated? All of it be gated?
Will you be enticing your leads to download something?
Go to a website?
Purchase something?

The placement of links and the video it’s self are important. But equally important is the message in the video.

With these questions and baselines assessed before starting in on a video, you will have a much better time providing results to the rest of your team directly linked to the video content you produce.

Above that, you will be able to change the delivery and content of the video based on performance, providing you the best ROI.

For the next video you plan to produce. Walk through this checklist and see the difference it can make