Webinar – Video Toolkit Essentials for Producing and Streaming School Events

Webinar – Video Toolkit Essentials for Producing and Streaming School Events

This webinar explains the pieces and components needed to produce and stream your school events. Hosted by Rob Read from Roland, you will learn about audio an video switching, graphics, scoreboards, encoding, recording, scheduling and streaming your school events. Featuring the Roland V-1HD switcher and Roland VR-50HD, the most popular switchers for streaming schools events. Jon Landman from Teradek demonstrates two great encoding appliances called the VidiU and the VidiU Pro with Sharelink. Andrew Rodriguez explains a service specifically designed for streaming, scheduling and recording school events called โ€œTheCubeโ€.


  1. Hi Rob. I follow this video, and I have the exact set-up. Somehow, my audio and video is out of synch. There is a latency in the audio. How can that fixed. Thanks?

  2. I purchased your V-1HD. I have older model iPad running IOS 9.3.1 connecting to V-1HD using iConnectivity ICC230 5-Foot 30-Pin iOS Inline Connection Cable. Remote controller software unable to connect to my V-1HD. What USB lightning cable are you using on your iPad?

  3. hi, do you have something in between the price range of V-1HD and VR-50HD? thank you so much.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Hi. Thank you for the great video. You mentioned that the enabling scoreboard is just easy. We are working on a sport project these days. Which realtime graphics software do you suggest which i can use with V-1HD? Thanks

  5. Can I input a cannon dslr Hdmi directly into the V-1, and is there a preamp on the audio in?

  6. Hi there, aweome video… but I have a question… do I really need a
    encoder like a Teradek or can I just plug my laptop for the streaming??

  7. My school is gonna held a dance event and i want to perform live editing and streaming. Help me which software shall i use?

  8. Hey Rob. I have your same exact set up. But for some reason the video and the audio are out of synch when I sent it to facebook live. What could be the issue. Thanks.

  9. i still have a big doubt. I need it for stream… I need a encoder on the hmdi output to converter the sinal to my PC, right? Which is the cheapest option of encoders? or what kind of enconders should I buy?

  10. Is it possible on V-1HD to add logo overlay and use picture in picture at the same time?
    I tried to get this info from manual and I’m affraid there can be only one effect at the same time…
    But I still hope that it’s only matter of understanding written text in foreign (for me) language ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. @rob Read. If I want to add multiple cameras, but I want to avoid long hdmi wires. What do you suggest I can use especially since I want to use multiple cameras

  12. Hello, am new in this video thing. Where to record from the HDMI signal? or the V-1HD software comes with the video capture?

  13. Hi Rob, My current setup has cameras that bring the video signal via RJ45 cables. How do I hook these cameras in? The camera’s are Canon Canon’s VB-H43 PTZ LAN x 1 (RJ45, 100Base-TX (auto/full-duplex/half-duplex))

  14. Hello, can this nice switcher being 18 hours per day, every day for a little TV local channel?

  15. Do you need another hardware to take the output from V-1HD into a Macbook Pro for live streaming?

  16. Debating between the Roland V-1HD and the new BlackMagic ATEM HD. I wish Roland had more video inputs, XLRs and a better price (I prefer Roland).

  17. When is Roland Going to introduce a (5) Five Channel HDMI (For dedicated PC Input for Keynote etc) and a (9) Nine HDMI input Switcher.

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