World’s Most Advanced Video Editing Tutorial (Premiere Pro) – Editing LTT from start to finish

World’s Most Advanced Video Editing Tutorial (Premiere Pro) – Editing LTT from start to finish

02:25 CH 0: Chapter navigation
03:13 CH 1: Using YouTube’s interface
05:49 CH 2: Things to know while watching
06:34 CH 3: My hardware
DIY macro keyboard part 2:
13:08 CH 4: How I use AutoHotKey
14:28 CH 5: Preparing the edit
Multi-monitor recorder:

20:07 CH 6.1: Explaining my most common AHK scripts
20:52 6.1a: AHK monoMaker()
21:36 6.1b: AHK preset()
22:57 6.1c: MACRO F2 7 ENTER
23:40 6.1d: AHK Right click playhead mod
24:42 6.1e: AHK Instant application switcher

25:52 CH 6.2: A-roll rough cut – TUTORIAL BEGINS HERE!
28:40 6.2a: MACRO Ripple delete clip at playhead

31:12 CH 7. A-roll rough cut (Macbook Pro)
40:07 7a: Dual mono and the audio track mixer

42:27 CH 8: B-roll first pass
42:48 8a: AHK trackLocker()
46:13 8b: “Scale to Frame size” is dangerous
46:54 8c: Talkin’ ’bout the Ripple Tangent
50:51 8d: Brandon conversation #1
1:00:49 8e: Problems with track targeting & source patching
1:02:59 8f: AHK insertSFX()
1:04:54 8g: How to bleep audio
1:06:57 8h: How to assign shortcuts to label colors
1:11:24 8i. The #1 amateur mistake: Sound effects & music too loud. Example:
1:12:05 8j: Amateur mistakes 2: No motion or audio
1:12:43 8k: Brandon conversation #2
1:15:18 8l: How to save a transition as a preset
1:17:11 8m: AHK openLatestFile()
1:21:09 8n: Using transitions on adjustment layers
1:22:17 8o: Amateur Mistakes: Lord Privy Seals
1:24:37 8p: Reverse image searching
1:26:57 8q: Don’t delete, use “disable”
1:29:42 8r: Tried to learn 1 new thing: audio thumbnails
1:31:30 8s: “Stair stepping” clips on the timeline
1:32:08 8t: “KiIl your darlings”
1:39:34 8u: One long take vs. the “coverage” of multiple shots
1:42:17 8v: Crashes and autosaves
1:47:23 8w: Templates are great, but might lead to more crashes
1:50:28 8x: Even educated guesses can be wrong
2:00:22 8y: AHK runexplorer()
2:05:05 8z: A quiet environment is important when editing
2:09:21 8aa: Screen capturing bugs retroactively with Shadowplay
2:10:36 8ab: Accelerated Scrolling 1.3.AHK
2:16:31 8ac: AHK script: instantVFX()
Fix Premiere’s hot text bug:
2:21:54 8ad. Things to try when Premiere is slow/buggy
2:24:56 8ae. Always render at your sequence resolution
2:26:18 8af: Nesting is often the answer
2:27:41 8ag: Photoshopping adventure
2:36:20 8ah: Fixing/creating the final shot
2:40:45 8ai: Searching through a music library

2:43:21 CH 9: Taking way too long to fix/create the final shot
2:45:42 9a: Amateur Mistakes: Neglecting “Eye trace”
2:47:03 9b: Amateur Mistakes: Showing too many things at once
2:48:55 9c: Amateur Mistakes: Not considering bitrate

2:52:40 CH 10: Intermission: Taran visits the WAN show

2:55:29 CH 11: Third pass, fixing and finishing
2:56:50 11a. How to screenshot web pages
2:58:33 11b: The biggest mistake in the entire edit
3:00:34 11c: Brandon conversation #3
3:01:09 11d: Talkin’ about scheduling
3:06:13 11e: Jon conversation
3:08:27 11f: Text tracking with AE
3:13:15 11g: RSI/tendonitis: How I deal with it

3:20:04 CH 12: Adding GPU and CPU temps, doing final pass
3:23:10 12a: Why I use Premiere
3:25:27 12b: Do I recommend Premiere? 300+ bugs and features:
3:27:48 12c: How speedrunning inspired my workflow

3:32:01 CH 13: Final Floatplane export, and QC check
3:34:20 13a: Quickly re-export using cineform smart rendering
3:35:50 13b: AHK filemover()

3:36:58 CH 14: YouTube export

3:40:22 CH 15. The past
3:47:28 CH 16. The future
3:51:07 CH 17: Comparisons to Monty Oum

3:54:32 CH 18: Recommended preferences (Important!)
3:55:33 18a: Preferences Panel
4:00:32 18b: Timeline/sequences
4:02:46 18c: Wrenches & hamburgers
4:03:03 18d: History states
4:04:44 18e: Button editor
4:07:46 18g: DO NOT use media browser for unlinked files
4:08:39 18h: Keyboard shortcuts

4:11:51 CH 19: Final tips
4:12:41 19b: Professional advice isn’t always correct
4:14:24 19c: Click every menu, learn every feature
4:15:35 19d: Recommended watching
Reality TV editing:
Cinemassacre 200:
Ocarina of Time Speedrun in 22-38
RLM Star Wars review:
Do schools kilI creativity?
4:18:08 19e: Conclusion

All my scripts!
1st long tutorial:

Outro Music:

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  1. I always loved video editing. Unfortunately I went into programming. I do keep trying video editing in between, although I am definitely not good at it.
    I also usually fall asleep watching a programming tutorial. But I am not sure how I watched this more than 4 hour long video in one day in two sittings.

    I think credit goes to you Taran, for making it so incredibly value packed, educational while keeping it entertaining. You not only packed the premiere workflow tutorial, you also packed information about LTT, the importance of exercise, importance of having a noise free environment while editing, all the while making us feel nice to know that those pesky bugs of Premiere is not just for us. While you also told your incredible past, challenges and also shared your ideas for what future could be for video editing. And I haven’t even mentioned those little incredible video suggestions in the end.

    I am not sure how to thank you for making this incredible video. I feel incredible fortunate to have watched this video. Keep doing the good work. 🙂

  2. 40:07 I’m not sure if anyone else commented on this yet. Your two tracks are perfectly in phase, so the information is doubled. Bass frequencies tend to carry a lot of energy, so they will sound louder. If you use one single mono clip, duplicate it, and reverse the polarity, you’ll notice that many of the frequencies will cancel each other out and you will get the exact opposite effect!. If you think the clip sounds less full by itself, wait until you try playing it back with another clip that is out of phase, you will notice an immediate difference. For more information try looking up "Phase Correlation" in regards to recording audio. Thanks for this video man, really appreciate it!

  3. I’m not an advanced video editor. Nor am I a video editor at all. Nor will I be one in the foreseeable future. Why did I watch the whole video?
    Anyway, great guide, Taran. Keep it up! 🙂

  4. Honestly, for having all this extra stuff that makes it "quicker" for you, it seems to just slow you down. SIMPLICITY IS KEY.

  5. Scale to Frame size is meant to be used with proxies (say you’re cutting 720 but on a 4k timeline, when you switch batch to full res 4k clips your scaling is all preserved) & is also helpful if you’re sending your footage to Davinci, as davinci scales based on timeline size, as opposed to clip size.

  6. This is incredible. Even though I use Resolve (15 really upped the game), this was very helpful for me. I may not be able to just copy paste your existing shortcuts, but you gave me lots of ideas for coding my own macros and optimizing my workflow.

  7. Thank you so much Taran. I am from Nigeria and about to start my journey in video editing. This indeed will go a long way. God bless and multiply you.

  8. ah man, you should have made the video one minute longer.. then it would be 4 hours 20 mins, 4:20

  9. 2am
    me: hmm well i have the footage i should prob edit it but hitfilm isn’t cutting it for me well I have premiere pro
    this video *pops up in reccomended*
    me well hey i dont need to go to sleep since its summer break lets go

  10. *New video!*

    World’s Most Advanced Video Editing Tutorial (Premiere Pro) – Editing LTT from start to finish (BEHIND THE SCENES)

  11. You are really meticulous, systematic and passionate with your work. I am toddler in video editing world and excited to learn Adobe Premier Pro CC (after having hands on with Element and CyberLink Powerdirector). Thanks for this valuable video!!!

  12. This is a great tutorial but like 30 – 50 minutes of it is you complaining about programs not having features.

  13. I’ll probably comment on this several times if I watch the whole thing. Coming from doing freelance for some time. I have had to get used to working with one monitor. Can’t guarantee the set up at each place so you need to be flexible. I think insisting that "If you’re going to edit professionally you need 2 monitors" is a bit bogus.

  14. 20:17…. my eyes opened wide and the "Whole New World" song started playing in my head…holyshit

  15. Okay I Wll Keep ReWatching This video this whole week or month and im gonna try master every single part.

  16. About the word->premier "magical program", it is not very complicated. It doesn’t require any kind of computer science principles, it only requires coding and fumbling with APIs, bodges and the word file format. Even easier if Premiere has some kind of API or plugin/addon support. Anyway, if it is that much of a time saver, you should look into paying someone to make it for you, or better do it yourself, its more fun and a very good learning experience.

  17. Do you have recommended specs or pc parts for high end video editing machines?

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