Video Editing (for non-editors)

Video Editing (for non-editors)

Welcome to the Complete “How-to” guide to VIDEO EDITING for NON-EDITORS!

Video Editing (for non-editiors):

If you’re a business owner, but editing is super difficult for you.. stay tuned! I show you how it’s simple, easy, and painless in this short video. The quicker you can go from idea, to implementation the faster the process.

The basic cut is the section you want to remove, and allows you to string your video better.
The jump cut is when you actually paste one clip with another.

There’s so many options and simple tools that make editing SUPER easy, and most importantly: FUN!! You don’t need to do everything under the sun, you just need to separate what you want to do and what you don’t.

James Wedmore
Strategic Video Marketing Coach
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Video Editing :


  1. good information , but you really needed some compression on your audio the clipping was killing my ears after 2 mins

  2. First 20 seconds really made me think this was a cringy guy.. I hung in there and I do believe it was not what i was looking for. I want a basic TUTORIAL of BASIC ASS FUNCTIONS.

  3. This is hilarious. At about the 10 second mark, I had a creeping suspicion that this dude was a fluff talker. I stuck around until the 2:00 mark or so, powered by sheer ironic curiosity, before I clicked right out of there. 970k people clicked on it, but nobody watched the whole thing. Why would anybody want to hear you talk about talking about how to do something?

  4. "how to edit videos. Out source" You’re a fucking moron, I just want to make little youtube videos.

  5. Dude, where is the video editing? All you did is talk talk talk talk without actually showing how to edit a video…smh.

  6. Just wonderful, I have been researching "production of a music video" for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried – Piyason Videographic Ventures – (should be on google have a look ) ? Ive heard some super things about it and my buddy got excellent results with it.

  7. camtasia and vegas are too hard for beginners. i recommend beginners to use


  8. I’ve looked at a lot of videos and thought to myself it’s actually simple to edit videos

  9. I really love that effect like there’s a whole team of you! 😛

    My favorite part? The "HUH!?" at 01:38

    Keep up the good stuff!

  10. I was looking for videos on how to do video editing and I found this sh*t talking about something else.

  11. When you start in business :)) you need more money for all of this (profesional video + profesional editing) + lot off another things for business

  12. Now to find an "Audio Editing (for non-editors)" so that i can improve the quality of the sound and making it sound less loud (less clipping)……..

  13. You’re not getting to the point, talking too much
    I am not a business owner, I am here to get video editing help
    This is not really a tutorial
    Transcribe the video yourself, the subtitles are wrong
    shit, sorry

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