Video Editing for Absolute Beginners

Video Editing for Absolute Beginners

how to edit videos for newbies using Shotcut. It’s free, it’s simple, open-source and easy to use. Here’s a Tutorial.

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  1. oi oi OI! – Slower – jeez, it’s obvious you know what you’re doing but heck – try watching this back as some who knows NOTHING>>>> you’re all over the place in milliseconds,,,

  2. was so lost trying to find a good video editing– google store is so difficult . this was simple and easy to use .. thank you so so much and thank the universe for you tube ..

  3. Awesome I have my next cruise in 3 weeks…. And love to learn how to add graphics to my vids

  4. Seemed really usefull, but I didn’t like how text is applied to the entire clip and how messy the transitions are.

  5. To be honest da Vinci resolve ain’t all that for me it lags and takes years to save than filmora I like but the water marks 😒😒😒 iMovies been my thing for a while tho 😑😑😑

  6. This is good, but i would highly suggest for anyone to check out DaVinci Resolve. It is completely free and once you learn to use it, it works wonders

  7. I think ur the best non jargon clear speaking YouTuber. Ur not speaking to hear urself talk.

  8. I started windows movie maker now i use hitfilm express for my skits and newer videos
    Check it out if you can notice any different

  9. this was way too fast for me to understand completely . take it easy I don’t know anything about editing . This was kinda helpful he was just teaching it way too fast

  10. I personally like prem pro cc but took me awhile to get it, this will be perfect for the people that ask me what to start on. Good video

  11. this is awesome! THANKS FOR THIS! it will really help me with my YT channel 😀

  12. Windows live movie maker was a horrible piece of software (like almost everything else from Microsoft) that spent more time corrupting files than allowing you to edit them.

  13. Does this software work nicely on a 4gb ram laptop? Because I tried Hitfilm Express and got depressed

  14. This video was absolutely helpful. I don’t exactly have the funds right now for Adobe PPCC so this is a great alternative. Amazing work every time I see a video you post. Thank you again. Can’t wait for the next video. Also, you are very informative with your content.

  15. my dude, can you do a video with your insights into documentary or narrative style films?

  16. Don’t have a clue why, but nothing is working like you said it will. Adding a clip deletes the previous clip, adding an audio track deletes all other clips.

  17. Can anyone tell me why the framerate is shit? I recorded on a sony handy cam. I have no knowledge of editing. HELP PLEASE

  18. I want to say thank you so much for your channel! You have the most informative and helpful content out there!
    I have a question (having trouble finding answers online) I need to edit voice on video footage. Are there editing programs that can do post edits to voice? Eg; an actor playing an alien character.
    I see in another video you recommend recording the dialogue separately and editing it all together – would this be the best way?

  19. hi how r u sir can you tell me what is the name of this program i just want to downloader on my pc

  20. Excellent video Darious. Was lookin’ into editing software myself and heard about Shotcut. I think that’s what’ll go with now.

  21. If you want some practice footage to go work on, head over to and framelines have a few exercises to work on while pond5 has a bunch of random clips you can use to try crafting a story with.

  22. Can you add cinebars on this product??? If so you’ve just found me the perfect software

  23. From 1:30 on…you dont specifically explain how to edit the videos and add them to the project … assume the viewer has edited videos before

  24. Wow! Thanks! I did not know that Shotcut existed, but I think I’m gonna use it for my channel!

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