THE $1,000 CHURCH VIDEO GEAR SETUP | Producing Church Video Announcements From Scratch

THE $1,000 CHURCH VIDEO GEAR SETUP | Producing Church Video Announcements From Scratch

You don’t need expensive gear to shoot a great looking video. And to prove it, we’re going to shoot a video in our $20,000 studio, and a video using just a $1,000 setup and show you the differences – all that in this video.

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  1. Are you having to sync up your audio in editing? What do you do if you have a lot of different takes or making a "short film". Is it pretty tedious since your audio isn’t synced up with your video??

  2. You are taking a relatively close up video. Is this setup adequate to record church services at a greater distance – 40 feet? how far, perhaps?

  3. In your introduction you said that you would compare a $20,000 set up to a $1000 set up.
    Then you restated it again in the opening.

    In the business this is what we would like to call "bad script writing 101".

    But thanks for the video anyway. 👌

  4. I also do suggeat the GH4 camera now – there are videos on how to deal with the "Low light issues" a few simple adjustments seems to make it viable for darker settings like a Play on a stage 😉

    Sound is so so. Let it record and use a Seperate sound recording device and use the sound in the vid to Auto sync sound <3

    Now you see 1000 ish online
    But i got mine a bag a lense and a Cage (you dont need) for 825$

    4k video
    Great screen

    Lots of diy setting videos out now.
    Kit came with an up to 44mm lense and that Works Fairly well for the Blurry background…

  5. Hey brady I have a bit of a problem with our media guys buying a bunch of media equipment and noone is using the stuff. So we have alot of equipment and noone using it, is it smart to keep buying stuff?

  6. Can you give me some ideas of the lights that we as a small church can use to light the face of the preacher? Please help!

  7. Hello, thanks for this eye opener. I want an advice from you on the best video camera my church can get on a budget of $400. We do live presentations (project to a screen). And our service last for 2-3hours. I was told to get a DSLR camera because of their picture quality. But am not sure how long they can remain on without switching off to avoid over heating. Please I need to know what you think. Thanks.

  8. For general purpose camera mic, (will sync to cleaner audio from mixer later), if you had 1 choice, what do you recommend– Rode videomic pro, or Rode NTG4+ (both battery powered) ?

  9. Panasonic g7 with a 25mm 1.7 using a rose video mic ran straight into the camera. It’s never failed me and even the 1080p video quality is extremely good

  10. I have used a few of those Tascam dr60d’s, if you don’t use batteries you get a really bad buzz. For a studio, you need something that you can plug into a wall. (my opinion)

  11. Is the recorder a must or can I plug my microphone straight into the camera’s mic port?

  12. Question, really like this camera and setup, but I’m going to be shooting from the back of a sanctuary and want to get good quality stage/closeups. It’s a semi-low-light room, and I’m assuming a telephoto/zoom lens would be good…do you have a recommendation that would pair with this camera?

  13. Since camera tech and pricing is constantly changing (improving?) are the items mentioned here still your best recommendations? Any changes or tweaks you would make 10 months down the road?

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