Stuck In the Sound – Let’s Go [Official Video]

Stuck In the Sound – Let’s Go [Official Video]



Directed by Alexis Beaumont & Rémi Godin
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  1. Well now you know what to do if the earth explode : play on the PlayStation with your friend

  2. Is no one mentioning this?…. Slow down the video and watch 1:33 I can’t believe that on here!

  3. Normally I would be nitpicking about scientific inaccuracies like the different vehicles the astronaut uses (and how they change mid flight :D), how all of the screens in his lunar lander don`t immediately break from the vacuum and some orbital mechanics here and there (also the wireless PS2 controllers haha), but the makers of this video did such a good job that it really doesn`t matter. You can imagine it correct if you want, but the story gets told masterfully and with respect for it`s real life inspiration (like the whole history of space exploration). Great work!

  4. нах планету девушку нужна только плойка

  5. Listened to this maybe a hundred times, and just noticed that the start screen on the racing game at syncs up with the text "lets go" at the very end. Nice little detail!!

  6. Why does this song suddenly get so popular? I add this song into my favorite list years before. It only got few watched it then.

  7. Can someone please help me with the Chinese readings?
    From my limited Japanese I could recognize…

    我 as self
    大学 as university
    北(?)大学 as Northern (smthn) university
    祝(?)成功 as (Congrats on your successes?)
    (?)良房 as (training?) room
    汽車(?) as steam powered vehicles ?
    全安 as all peaceful?
    (?)(?)加(?) as ..add..
    宇宙(?)船 as space ship
    比(?)(?) as comparison?

  8. I really fucking hate the art they used, if they made this more serious it could be more effective.

  9. I like how after pushing the plushee off the table he looks towards his drawing and has doubts about his dream, with each short scene showing himself further mounting his cause now too late to turn back

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