Software For Video Editing (Top 4)

Software For Video Editing (Top 4)

Software for video editing regardless of the type of videos you make. This is my list of the top 4 free and paid software options to help you make awesome videos for YouTube.

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Video editing software listed in this video:

– Adobe Premiere
– Vegas Pro
– Davinci Resolve
– Hitfilm Express

Any of the options above are great pieces of software for editing videos and will help you get the polished results you’re after.


  1. I just discovered that if I set the speed to 2x fast forward and click to another video it also plays at 2x BUT THE AD INTRODUCING IT DOES NOT!?

  2. What are the official links because a lot of popular editors are getting ripped off and people are using the fake editors to scam people.

  3. Premiere doesn’t even support any color management.
    Just using it for editing and pushing an XML to Davinci Resolve to either use RCM or better ACES.

  4. I use to use Davinci Resolve but the software stopped opening for me, and now I cant get it to work, I uninstalled it and reinstalled it/ reset my whole computer and still it doesn’t work.

  5. great video btw a great free or paid video editer is filmora its great for beginers if you dont know how to use all those high tech software,its nice and simple i really enjoy using it for fun

  6. Wow Nick… I’m using Final Cut Pro and it works great with our crazy videos. We do wanna try adobe Premiere though. Thanks for breaking it down!

  7. At this moment in time, I’m using camtasia to make my videos, but tbh there are times it’s starts to really test my patience and I am looking for a new piece of software to make video game commentaries and animated music videos. Which program would you recommend? Price does not matter to me, quality is what matters, could really use your advice

  8. Hey Nick, new subscriber. I loved your video. What’s the name of that song you used in the video and where can I get it? Secondly, is Vegas Pro easy to use? Thanks..

  9. so, where’s the links to the software your are recommending in the video, your description box is full of links for everything except the software that was the subject of the video!

  10. Hi Hi I’m so happy to see your channel it’s so useful. Thank you so much for making a good vdo and show us how to make a good quality on youtube. I just create a beauty chennel do you have any idea suggestion apps about how to make it more interesting? anyway I will keep watching and learn more from your vdo… Thank you.;)

  11. Thnks so mush for the infos. But plz sir stop stepping all in my personal space. Your so close I swear I need to take a step away from this video.

  12. hitfilm, is sure as hell not easy to use, yes its features r very good, but it is a complex prog, effects easy, but try to write text in it, soo messy!!!

  13. Anyone Have The Issue For Vegas When you record with Win + G and put it in Vegas Pro the audio freaks out? Anyone Know How To Fix?

  14. First…                                                 to like my comment

  15. Adobe Premier has extreme issues importing files on Mac!!
    Research Premier not importing video/audio before buying!!!!

  16. Thank you for the suggestions. I currently use HitFilm Express and it has done a good job so far.

  17. vegas pro is expensive unless you hack it. i’m not a hacker so for most people (that not steal) that 1 should not be in the list

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