Introduction to Building a VIDEO EDITING COMPUTER in 2018

Introduction to Building a VIDEO EDITING COMPUTER in 2018 – Learn the basics of computer hardware to build your own PC for video editing in 4K resolutions. See how to get the best performance for you budget in Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, resolve, Sony Vegas and more.

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  1. Depends for what. Playback (IMO most important part of editing) uses LESS, FAST cores.

    I have 32 Cores at 2.2GHz , 2x XEONS. Fast Renders and warps, SLOW playback.

  2. What is the best i Mac you can suggest in video editng with some animations and VFX? I’m using an i Mac right now and I’m just starting my career in Video editing. Having some problems now in rendering. I hope you can bring me your opinions and suggestion here. Thank you very much and more power to your channel!

  3. Hello! I was looking to build a PC but I’d prefer a laptop I can carry around. What is the best budget non-Apple laptop I can buy for video editing? Just out of curiosity, which non-Apple laptop would you recommend if money were no object?

  4. So according to your recommendation, which msi desktop pc would you recommend? At the moment i am using my msi laptop and it is doing a descent job but i wish to update my 8 year old desktop which cant even handle PS.
    Do I an i7 or i9 to edit 4k video? My laptop is i7 with 32G 3d memory.

  5. What is the wifi/bluetooth solution for this build? or am I missing something. Please help. Thank you.

  6. What adjustments (suggest component models) should I make for it to be equally good at 3d modeling? I am not interested in gaming just video editing and 3d modeling. I want it to be future proof for the next couple of GoPro generations. Thanks

  7. I have a question (acer predator helios 300 is good for maya max after effect premium pro ?

  8. Hey guys, I see there’re mixed comments about this video. First of all, I appologize that I might have send a wrong message. I’ll take this with me as feedback for the next video. Like mentioned in the video, MSI sponsored this video. However I would not suggest to blindly follow the spec list. See this video as an introduction to building a PC for video editing. But make sure to do more research and talk to experts after this video if you are seriously considering buying a new PC.

  9. Best video ever for a DIY Video editing pc, btw, what Lut did you use on this video? the b-roll looks AWESOME! Congratulations and thanks

  10. video memory is actually super important for large file exports, prores, DNXHD and CineForm can take 7.5GB of VRAM while exporting in 4K, while h.264 might take 3GB. 8K ProRes can easily take 16Gb of video memory while exporting. While using DaVinci resolve a system can take more than 16GB of VRAM with enough nodes.

  11. Sir.
    Which operating system (OS) best for AE & PR. Win 10 OR Win 8.1 ?
    I’m using i7-8gen.
    Plz reply…
    OR call/whatsApp- +91 9096909994

  12. Mmmm using a gaming video cardnfor professional editing?? I beleved is wring.. you need to use a quadro. One like P4000 or P5000 i beleve?

  13. Hi nice video but i have a doubt about the performance of After effects CC 2018, i have a processor i9-7940X with 14 Cores/ 28 threads, so when i´ll rendering a video with After effects he didn´t used the 100% of my CPU, he only using 20%… omg haha well, How can I make it After Effects use more power from my CPU? thanks and this is my computer:

    intel i9 7940X, 64 RAM CL15, Motherboard MSI Pro Carbon x299, MSI GTX 1080 Ti, M.2 500 GB Corsair, HDD 3T 7200 rmp, etc..

    Thanks and a strong hug from Spain !!

  14. Sorry for being mean, but I dont agree with those components. For the most part at least:

    – Intel CPU with toothpaste as thermal insulation material? Go with Threadripper or you will definitely need to delid your CPU if you want any more than the rather underwhelming stock performance!
    – Gaming Graphics where you pay more for the bling than for performance (+ questionable cooler with MSI afaik)? Choose a card with better cooling and potentially less marketing / gaming BS. But yes, I know that the options are limited, so I’ll let that pass.
    – Many CPUs profit from fast RAM, 3200MHz could be suboptimal
    – Only one small SSD? Horrible decision! Editing 4k on a spinner is absolutely nerve wrecking (if you dont want to work with tiny proxies but with the original files or decent proxies) Include one NVMe drive (cache etc.) and at least one large SATA SSD. HDDs are dead for everything besides backup / long term storage!
    – Never choose a 240mm AiO. Its too weak for any OC on enthusiast platform CPUs and on top of that, The Noctua NH D15 air cooler beats it easily (especially if you dont have a delidded CPU). Go for a push/pull 360mm AiO or for a custom built water cooling loop if you want ANY OC at all. If not, stick to the Noctua

  15. I have an ASrock Z170 motherboard with an intel core i5 6400 (overclocked through the MB)

    Can I just buy an AMD chip, replace my i5 and keep using my PC, no questions asked? Do I have to reinstall something if the memory is still the same?

  16. there are so many tech channels. like Linus tech tips.. gamersnexus.. hardwarecankusk. Pauls hardware.. jayz2scents.. BUT no one ever explained as good as this.. +RESPECT EARNED

  17. And what about operating lots of 4k media? Are 2,5 gHz cores enought for premier’s previews?

  18. Do you really want LED fans? Isn’t that gonna disturb the colorgradig, where you want as little light as possible?

  19. I wish you would not talk so fast. Some of this info is new to me, so it hard to follow. what I am trying to do, is take a dell tower with 500 GB hard-drive and convert it into a video editing system. However, most of the projects I will be doing, will be short videos under 15 minutes and so I feel I do not need a super fast machine, right a way. I would like to do this under $ 600.00, is this even doable?

  20. i was wondering if you have made one for photo editing for use with lightroom an PS. What should i focus on for that?

  21. sorry to say but you got a lot a things wrong like even when you boot up a ssd makes a lot of difference!

  22. GPU is more crucial than stated here. Especially Quadro vs. GeForce for video editing in 10 bit, playback, and final rendering.

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