Buying a PC for Video Editing: What You Need to Know!

Buying a PC for Video Editing: What You Need to Know!

Buying a PC for Video Editing? Here’s everything you need for the best video editing performance, whether you’re building yourself or buying a pre-built computer. *** ► FREE GUIDE: The ULTIMATE Video Editing Process:


What’s in our PC Build? ** Gear provided by MSI **:
► Motherboard: MSI Z370 SLI PLUS (Amazon) –
► CPU: Intel Core i7 8700K 3.7GHz 6 Cores (Amazon) –
► RAM: Kingston PREDATOR: 4x 8GB (32GB) @ 3000MHz (Amazon) –
► Graphics Card: NVIDIA MSI GTX 1080 Gaming X 8GB GDDR5X (Amazon) –
► SSD: 256GB Intel 600P M.2 SSD (Amazon) –
► HDD: Seagate BarraCuda Pro: 4TB (Amazon) –
► Cooling: Cooler Master MASTERLIQUID 240 (Amazon) –
► Case: Cooler Master H500P (Amazon) –
► Power Supply: Cooler Master V750 (Amazon) –

MSI’s 4k Video Editing PC Guide:

What Software do we use to edit on PC?
► Adobe Premiere Pro:
► Davinci Resolve:

*** GEAR WE USE ***

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— Buying a PC for Video Editing: What You Need to Know! —

** Gear Provided by MSI ** The PC in this video and all its components were provided by MSI. We were looking to upgrade one of our PC’s, and MSI reached out offering to send us some of their awesome gear. We provided them with our standard terms (TL;DR version: “Sounds great, BUT we will only ever present our full, unfiltered, unbiased opinions – both good and bad”). Not only did they agree, they insisted we go all out with our thoughts on the good, the bad, the awesome & the ugly. They sent us the full PC, and we’ve been basking in its awesomeness ever since.

A powerful Video Editing PC can dramatically improve your editing workflow, significantly reduce render times, and make a BIG boost to your productivity. It was time for us to upgrade our primary video editing PC build recently, so we thought we’d put together a series of videos helping others do the same.

Whether you’re looking to build a PC yourself, or buy something pre-assembled you can just plug-and-play, there are a few key things you need to consider if video editing performance is your main objective. Plus, with the fast pace technology is changing it’s important to reach a balance between price, performance and ‘future-proofing’ your new computer, as new updates to software, hardware, ports and workflows like 4k video editing become the de-facto standard.

In this video we take a look at everything you need to know, including the critical components, specs and features to look out for when deciding which is the best PC for video editing within your budget.

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  1. Hmm.
    The fastest CPU is only a little faster than the second fastest. I’d look at the price list as an aid.

    There are two kinds of SSD. Those packaged as replacement spinning disks, and those that plug into the motherboard. I know about the M.2 form factor, that’s your second SSD. I didn’t recognise the first.

    There are two kinds of M.2 SSDs. It’s essential that your SSD matches your motherboard (or plugin card). SATA SSDs are slower than PCIe NVRM SSDs. The latter are much faster, but also more expensive.

    Your RAM doesn’t need to be faster than your CPU requires for its top performance.

    That computer has lots of USB3.0 ports. USB3.1 is much faster. The A ports have red tongues, not the blue I saw. I don’t like USB 2 ports, there’s no good reason for them these days.

    Clock speed isn’t a good comparison of CPU performance across different brands, generations or series of CPUs. I’m counting i3, it, i7 and i9 as different series. If it matters, look for comparative benchmarks. Probably Intel and AMD have useful comparisons within their own products.

  2. Thanks for the review and advice. I have been thinking for s few days about purchasing a desktop for editing because I just ordered some pretty nice new camera equipment (by my standards anyways), but then decided that it would be much more rewarding to build one instead. I am freshly retired, still kind of young and I love the outdoors and working a bit with photography. So I figured that I would try and mix the two hobbies together.
    Now, I am so completely technologically impaired that it’s frustrating. I’ve learned quite a lot over the last few days of watching everyones versions of their greast PC builds. And I agree with them. Their knowledge of the systems, the components and the way that they interact with each other towards sn end result, have been in most cases very impressive and informative.

  3. What the hell?
    Higher core counts are undisputedly better for video editing cpus.
    This whole thing comes off as a computer buying guide made by people who don’t know what the hell theyre talking about.
    Like, I get that you want to make a beginner-level guide but this kind of thing is absolutely the most basic knowledge.
    When they sent you that shiny (terrible thermal performance) machine, did they not give you talking points? Because everything else about this video sounds like a cute lil ad for MSI. Call me cynical.

  4. You may have answered this somewhere, but what would the total cost of this machine be if you were to purchase it yourself?

  5. Regarding volume levels, you mention how quiet it is which is great. But does it arc up to ugly levels under load? And even if it gets a little noisy when rendering, what about just under normal editing operation?

  6. Thanks a lot for this video. I’m currently looking for a computer, most preferably a laptop, to do some video editing however now that I’ve seen your video I kind of get an idea of the components that you need to build a PC (never have built a PC) so thank you very much for this informational video man!

  7. you’re the first person I hear who says that Intel is better than amd for editing video.

  8. Hopefully someone in the know can answer this. I’ve noticed that most of the YTbers i’m subbed to no longer have intro’s of any kind they jump right into their vids. It’s kinda disappointing because I love a good intro. So is this a new YT thing, to not have an intro? I am working on my intro then I realised every single one i’m subbed to bar this on has no intro at all and they are some of the most popular channels around. I’f it’s a new YT thing not to have one, would I be doing the wrong thing by my future subbers by having one?

  9. If I were in a position to do a video like this, I would refer it to the supplier before publishing it. I would ask for corrections. Where I got my facts wrong, I would be prepared to make corrections.

  10. ddr4 at 2400 and ddr4 at 3000 is nearly unnoticeable. For average joe, 16gb at 2400 is just fine. Better to save money for the best cpu available. Ryzen 7 2700X!

    If you honestly use and i3 for video editing, its gonna take forever.

  11. Jesus there must be 20 videos of people that MSI gave computers too. Same system too. How can a reviewer be subjective?

  12. Hello, I’m new to your channel. How do you remove the black bars on the side of the screen after filming a video on an iPhone. I filmed my dog for an event and it came out terrible, I have the same problem with my iPad Air 2. Please help 🙏. Thank you 😊

  13. Doesn’t really matter who sponsored the video when the main point is what components you should be looking out for, not necessarily the brand.

  14. I accidently broke my raid-o set-up and my drives were old so I recently bought three new drives (one ssd for boot/OS, and two 6TB for storage). If I were to build this pc part for part, how do I know if Sony Vegas Pro 12 and all my other programs already loaded on the ssd would work? I’m currently running Windows 7/64 but thinking about Win10.

  15. I need an inexpensive editing PC for my daughter, but it’s difficult to find when one company is sending out there costly machines to every YouTuber to support.

  16. Great video bro! Something else to consider with smaller systems is "Does the device or motherboard support external GPUs?" With my system size was the main battle so, I purchased a powerful yet extremely small form factor computer (see below.) I use it to edit video and light gaming. Since my main gpu is externally connected via Thunderbolt 3, I can easily travel with my full system leaving the GPU at home and using the integrated graphics on the road DJing. This setup means 1 computer for all my needs. Basically I have a powerhouse modular desktop (complete system minus eGPU is the size of a portable HD) which is perfect for music production and flexible enough to seriously edit and render videos.

    Micro Rig Stats:
    Skullcayon nuk (size of portable HD)
    32 GB ram
    2 1tb Samsung m2 drives
    6th Generation Intel® Core™ i7-6770HQ
    2.6 GHz up to 3.5 GHz Turbo, Quad Core 6MB cache
    Intel® Iris™ Pro Graphics 580 (when DJing or producing music)
    ASUS ROG GTX 1060-06G 6GB via Thunderbolt 3 and Akitio Node (editing video or gaming)

    1503i Gechic touch screen (USB powered) with rear hdmi dock and backplate vesa mount.

  17. hey Chris Martin I don’t know that you are is talented in technology too. cheers mate. great video

  18. MSI going berserk with sponsoring components for "unbiased" (ROFL) reviews at the moment. Good to know which manufacturer should be avoided 🙂

  19. if anyone is looking to buy a rx 480 8gb for cheap leave your email. Asking for $110 for mine. THanks

  20. Great video! I was going to build a new rig but I’m kinda put off by the sky high prices of ram/graphics cards recently. In some cases almost double what they were a year ago. Just gonna wait it out for now

  21. Which HP desktop computer would b most suitable for my needs?
    I want to purchase a new desktop computer but cant decide which one would b the best for me. i m a youtuber and regularly upload new videos on y youtube channel. 
    I want to use video editors like wondershare. filmora,proshow gold,smartshow 3d and camtasia.Plz suggest me a best desktop on which i can run all these latest softwares smoothly without any difficulty.also tell if it is possible to use all the video editing softwares mentioned above on i7,7th or 8th generatio,8gb or 16gb ram and a NVIDIA GeForce powerful graphics card..

  22. Hello. I’d like to buy this pc but i’ve a doubt: do you think that nvidia quadro p4000 8gb will be better for performance and adobe premiere? Thank you very much for the answer.

  23. @5:13 what label is that you’re using? I know videohive sells similar ones, but I don’t know what to search for. Thanks.

  24. Sir Please Can You Make A Video About How We Can Make Videos On Trending Topic And Rank Video On Fest Also Same Tips To Make Video In Trending Topic Before Other Upload Thank You 🙂

  25. Continued…
    However, I like your style of communication and ability to make things more clear for me without over-teching me for the level of experience I’m currently at.
    So saying, your review has been the most help for me. Thank you for that! My equipment is capable of using up to 6k. I don’t know what I would do at this point with the 6k abilities, But I will definately use still photography and pixel shift images. I will also use of some 4k, and definitely UHD. But I would like to have the propper tools to work in the upper ranges of recording levels if the situation were to arise.
    If I make a list of everything you have in this PC build video, so that I can get the parts as soon as possible, would you feel as though there are any changes to be made to from the components of your machine in the review, to possibly updated equipment, or any components that would better suit my needs. And if so, will you please tell me what should be changed? Or will that machine just smoke through anything that I might throw at it? Thank you very much!
    Very respectfully,
    Jason ("JW")

  26. Hi Justin, I’m New and old if is possible let me know how and where to buy already build in pc for editing as hubby for old folks? Regards

  27. Thanks for the great info. I’ve been using my phone to do simple editing stuff 😂 hoping to crank up quality with an actual computer to edit soon.

  28. Since when do video editing pcs become more expensive than gaming pcs, u don’t neet half of this junk, marketing bull shit

  29. So they reached out to you at the same time you were thinking about doing a video editing pc video? Wow….lucky timing

  30. Actually Intel has the edge in video games and AMD is better for editing, specially for rendering exports. I understand what MSI is trying to do putting together these "editing" systems but anyone looking to build their own editing rig is better off looking for benchmarks (productivity benchmark, not gaming ones) on their own and make their own conclusions.

  31. Hey Justin great build vid..this is.whT I’ve been.looking for…question?? I got everything ready to purchase now the ram is not available but there is a Corsair LPX 32GB DRAM 3000MHz C15 Memory Kit for DDR4 Systems, will with everything else you got?

  32. Viewers should note that this video is geared toward total noobs, and is probably helpful for that level of buyer. If you’ve ever bought an editing platform before, this will all be pretty obvious.

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