Best Free Video Editing Software 2017-2018

Best Free Video Editing Software 2017-2018

Top 5 best free video editing software for 2017-2018. Links & downloads in description 🔻🔻🔻
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Free Adobe Premiere and Final Cut alternatives for Windows & Mac.


Top 3 Best Free Video Editing Software (2018)


Best Free Screen Recorder 2018-2019:

Best FREE Audio Editing Software 2018-2019:

YouTube Creator Starter Pack 2018:

*NEW* Hitfilm Express 2017 Basic Video Editing Tutorial:

*NEW* DaVinci Resolve 14 Basic Video Editing Tutorial:

Video Editing in Blender by Paul Cageggi:


1. Hitfilm 4 Express

2. DaVinci Resolve 12.5

3. VSDC Free Video Editor

4. Blender

5. Windows Movie Maker & iMovie

Linux suggestions: OpenShot, Pitivi, Cinelerra, Blender


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  1. I really like this honest and from own real world experienences stressed review, thanks a lot! I personally start out with blender – once mastered, it will obey my wishes 😉

  2. You reference Hitfilm 4 Express as if it were free. That is barey true. There is so much functionality that is turned off, but visible and tantalizing that it was absolutely worthless to me. I downloaded it, installed it, opened it and got it running, tried using it,but it required purchase to do the most basic of things; it is utterly worthless software….so I uninstalled it again – all in the length of 15 minutes. It was an incredibly disappointing experience.

    How much have they paid you to shill there worthless crap?
    It isn’t enough to trash your own reputation this way, I would suggest.
    Not subscribing.

  3. Fusion is a level up for replacing Adobe AE if you are already lost in thousands of layers, precomps, etc and dream for a nice clean interface and absolutely powerful node based system. It has built in particle system, powerful 3D tools and many other features. Check it out at It is free for output formats up to 4k resolution. It might be worth of trying

  4. I’m so sick and tired of typing in search engines the same thing "free video editor" And getting "NCH VideoPad editor" Only to find…. TRIAL PLEASE BUY THE FULL VERSION. Then there’s ‘WonderSHARE : Filmora" You get 10 edits with watermarks and then PLEASE BUY THE FULL VERSION. What the absolute flargin HELL!!!. I’m on Win10, and I’m cheap. I don’t like having to pay yearly for another registration code or upgrade. I refuse to pay over $10. I’m thinking of finding my old DVD of Pinnacle studio 12, even though it’s too powerful and often gets the output file larger than the sum of the parts I added, it was at least purchased without the problem of "your 12month registration has expired, please pay for another year"

  5. Cannot get Windows to let my movie fill the video player’s screen. And no it is not an aspect ratio issue. Regardless of aspect ratio it does not do it.

  6. I have a laptop with an Intel Core i5-7200U 2.5 GHz, a NVIDIA GeForce 940mx with 2 GB of Dedicated VRAM, 8 GB DDR4 Memory, and a 256 GB SSD. Is this good enough to run Hitfilm Express 2017? I just don’t want my laptop to be slow.

  7. great video… does HitFim need a lot of ram and powerful processor like the DaVinci Resolve?

  8. when I downloaded hitfilm express it never downloaded, it never showed up under anything

  9. Which is best for my sad old laptop? It has 1.9GHz, 4GB, 1TB, built-in Intel graphics. Any help?

  10. Question: I develop 8mm movie film myself (Caffenol) and it comes out in negative form. I then make it into a video and put it into my computer. I need a video editing software that will flip the image and change it from negative to positive. What would you recommend? Thanks for your great videos.

  11. .
    Beginners need to know that DaVinci Resolve has steep hardware requirements, especially with the graphics card, or graphics chip if you have a notebook computer.

    My notebook is a Hewlett Packard Elite Book, 8470p. The graphics chip has just 512 megabytes of memory. And DaVinci Resolve won’t even work with such a small video memory.

  12. This one of the best video on here, very helpful Thanks, you just solved my problem bro =)

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