Alabama Shakes – Sound & Color (Official Video)

Alabama Shakes – Sound & Color (Official Video)

From the new album “Sound & Color” available now.

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Available on CD / Digital / 2 x LP (180-Gram Black and Clear colored Vinyl)

Directed by James Frost

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  1. this is what it sounds like when the manifestation of a soul is conversing to something more powerful than itself.

  2. The song has a deep southern soul, from the 70’s. I get Curtis Mayfield, The intruders, The dells vibes….. ( yes I am taking you to skool). But do yourself a favor and check that sound out. Or anything from the STAX legacy….. but still damn good song!!!!

  3. The sounds towards the end always get to me. When the astronaut is slowly realizing that everything he knows and loves is gone- it has a certain sound, with the string instruments, very dissonant and eerie and then turns harmonious, consonant and hopeful when the astronaut looks up and sees the light. Could it be that he isn’t willing to give up and may try to find life on the planet he’s approaching or do others see this "light at the end of the tunnel" as acceptance and is allowing himself to see the beauty in this tragedy?

    I’d love to read everyone’s response to this. I’m curious of how everyone perceives the ending.

    Also, this video is WAY too short and needs to become a short movie. :3

  4. Love that song, reminds me of my first Ketamine trip when I was shapeless I turned into sound and colour ❤️

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