5 Video Editing MISTAKES That Make You Look Like a Beginner (and how to FIX them!) (Premiere Pro CC)

5 Video Editing MISTAKES That Make You Look Like a Beginner (and how to FIX them!) (Premiere Pro CC)

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We’ve all been guilty of some of these common video editing mistakes, myself included! In this CC 2017 tutorial I will be showing you what they are and how to fix them!

1. Bad Default Title Styles (0:30)
2. Bad Slow – Mo (1:52)
3. Cheesy Video Effect (3:00)
4. Cheesy Transitions (4:35)
5. Bad Timing (6:20)


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  1. in my videos i try to be very realistic and not cartonish at all. so the style u use is very close to mine, u are just better at it lol.. i subscribed ur channel and i find it very useful by far. i make commercial vidoes mostly.. if u have time can u make a video about colors, how to use them in the best way, thats my main problem. like when the video is made inside, or out, depenting on the weather and anything.. how can you make a color effect that you like, be good at any of your clip you put in it, depending on its brightness and everything.. sry for my english its not my native language . thanks anyways peace

  2. At last a tutorial video made by someone who doesn’t have a boring, monotone voice! Someone who doesn’t keep saying "Errr and AArrrm" all the time. It flows fast and what you say is spot on. This video is easy and great to watch and you don’t feel like you’re about to slit your throat ‘coz you’re being bored to death! Thanks so much Justin.

  3. you really don’t need to tell us you have videos about ten times
    that’s shit
    I feel bad

  4. This is an annoyed man who watches videos and only pay attention to edits only. Jkjk . I like coming to this channel when I need help with an effect or want to learn a new effect.

  5. Bro, can you please tell me how to export videos, bc it happens to me to often, when I export a video the titles are blurry , also the video is pixelated , and it ruins the whole project, or simply you can create another dope video about it ! Thanks ! 🙂

  6. Keypoints of the video:
    1. Dont use Comic Sans
    2. Dont stick your text in the corner
    3. Dont slow mo anything into a stop motion or LAIKA will hire you
    4. Dont use stupid effects
    5. Dont use stupid transitions
    6. Dont do anything stupid unless you know how to use it
    7. Dont overcomplicate it or Avril Lavignes going to come for you
    8. Dont forget to edit your video


  7. I’m always wondering why Adobe still keeps those terrible fonts and styles in such a professional program??. We are in 2010s !!

  8. Thanks for the video. I found this video while looking into doing some better editing with Premiere, and was very surprised to see the OU Library/fountain. I work there, and we were just outside shooting pano video of the fountain with my drone!

  9. When you realize that he’s using the biggest beginner editing mistake known to man. Editing with an Apple product

  10. LOL I have done all of those in the past. learning little by little and improving my style
    Thanks for the video Justin

  11. Lol. you would have to live in a cave to not know this. How about things like oversaturation or warp stabilising too hard. What about shots being too hot?

  12. Buy a better mic and your videos will be really good (you can easily hear the echo on the beggining if the video)

  13. Thanks for the clarity! Just learning to swim by jumping in and picking things on utube as I go, so this is super helpful, straight to the point ! Yay!

  14. Not sure if it’s a good thing I don’t make any of these mistakes or if that just means watching this was a waste of time lol.

  15. Great vid! Some of the stock transitions work for a quirky split screen intro or YouTube vlogger vids.

  16. Thanks for reminding me of some common mistakes to avoid. And keeping it real in your videos.

  17. this video made me feel worse than a beginner, thanks Justin for making me realise I should quit and just leave it to the pro’s like you guys!
    Now I can spend more time playing online gaming, yaaaaaaaas

  18. it’s more professional to not cut to beat as it it feels edited, let’s the cuts coming naturally. Many industry editors edit without music, then put music in. you can edit to one track then change the track. of course you can still edit to beat but not every time, keep viewer guessing.

  19. Hello, I am new and kinda figured out in regards to what you were saying about music and timing the scene changes with the beat, but i have hit a point where i had a song playing and wanted to kinda flip back and fourth for a couple shots, then to lead it in to the clip i wanted to have for the specific part of the song. i had the timing all right and feel its where it needs to be but i found that the video was "rendering" during this kinda transition, i was wondering if you would know that if that would be a problem with the FPS or if it was just not the best video editing software. one of the videos was recorded with my phone, the other with a go pro. trying to understand if thats also a pretty common mistake and if i should try to keep the videos i use for a video be recorded with the same camera or if it mattered and i just had to do something special inorder to fix this. thanks for reading

  20. My worst experience until now is stabilizing clips. It takes tons of time. How to sort this problem? Thanks

  21. Im glad i have never done any of this during my videos. That page effect had windows movie maker written all over it hahaha

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