How to Choose the Right Video Editing Software to Suit You

All software manufacturers in the marketing of their different video editing software programs will be pushing specific features at you. One way to steer clear of being cornered into software that is unsuitable is by being aware of the four general varieties of video editing software available today.

Being familiar with the intention of the software program you are considering is especially significant when reading reviews. If the reviewer has not taken this under consideration or if you don’t either, then you can end up with a wrong perception of the abilities of that particular video editing software.

Consumer level video editing software and professional video editing software were the two initial categories that defined the market in the past. At the consumer level were the original versions of Pinnacle and programs similar to it and at the high end were programs such as Final Cut Pro.

This two tiered arrangement steadily gave way to an extra level of what could be referred to as advanced consumer video editors. The drive for new capabilities to generate revenues meant that some of the professional capabilities were being incorporated into the home user market. These programs were called “prosumer” video editing software.

The most recent addition to the video editing software line up is a range of software that is very easy to use with many of the advanced capabilities removed to make the entire video editing process very user friendly without the need for any great technical understanding.

The way that these specific programs are different is that they try to reduce the entire video editing work-flow to a point and click process. From capturing or importing the raw files through to the final result whether it is to a DVD disc, Facebook or as an email attachment to a friend, each step is automatically performed by the software according to the choices made by the user.

Due to the point and click guidance provided by the software program it is extremely well suited to the person who is possibly not especially interested in the editing process itself or not that technically keen.

If you were to check out a “prosumer” video editor from perhaps two or three years ago you would probably see today what we now have as being a standard consumer video editing suite. This next level of video editor has advanced remarkably over the past few years and is represented by such items as Adobe Premiere Elements and Magix Movie Edit Pro.

This echelon of video editing software has evolved to a point of providing impressive levels of editing control, extensive video file compatibility for both input and output along with special effects, video filters, audio control and almost anything the consumer editor would desire and more!

Next we have the prosumer level programs like Magix Video Pro X. At this point we start to see the beginnings of the types of features and control that the professionals use. They provide for a greater availability of tracks on the timeline irrespective of whether they are for video, audio, narration, subtitles, titles or whatever!

These editing packages usually retain similar onscreen layouts in terms of the graphical user interface of those at the levels below them which makes them relatively simple to learn or at least approach. However whilst having all the features and functionality of the software below them they introduce more advanced elements such as moving paths and more to the serious enthusiast. The advantage of going straight to a prosumer level program is that it is very unlikely that you will want to or need to upgrade any time soon.

Of course at the top end of video editing software you will find entirely professional programs like Avid and Sony Vegas Pro and to tell the truth unless you are considering becoming professional at video editing yourself there is no real need to go into it too much. They are astonishing in what they can achieve and exceptionally complicated to learn!

If you are attempting to choose which video editing software meets your needs then for starters decide which type of video editor you are or want to come to be. Then limit your selections down to the software programs that are aimed at that level and when you have done that give it a try for yourself and find out how you like it.

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