Comparing Different Video Editing Application

Video editing software is application software which handles the editing of video sequences on a computer. In the simplest case the video is stored as JPEG image files in a directory. The software typically shows one image on a large area on the screen and a view of the directory.

To handle many files in the directory, it is possible to zoom out, so that a single file only covers one pixel line in the editor, or even less, for rough cutting. A play button lets the software automatically advance to the next image, thus playing the video.

Additionally JPEG images can be lossless rotated 90 degree or mirrored and hence the editing software also supports this. Of course multiple files at once can be selected for any such operation. In this respect it is very similar to slide show editing software.

Like slide show editing software comes with a lot of image file format decoders video editing software comes with a lot of video codec. Video editing software generally also allows for some limited editing of the audio clips which accompany the video, or at least the ability to sync the audio with the video.

There are much popular & professional video editing software which have got demand these days. Adobe Premiere Pro is a real time, time line based video editing software application.

It is part of the Adobe creative suite, a suite of graphic design, video editing, and web development applications made by Adobe Systems, though it can also be purchased separately. Even when purchased separately, it comes bundled with adobe encore and adobe on location.

Premiere pro supports many video editing cards and plug ins for accelerated processing, additional file format support, and video/audio effects. Premiere Pro CS4 will be the first version to support 64 bit officially.

There is another one video editing application which is almost equally comparable to Adobe premiere pro, but this application is especially designed to work with Mac OS X. Final Cut Pro is a professional non linear editing software application developed by Apple Inc.

The application is only available for Mac OS X, and is a module of the final cut studio product. The software logs and captures video onto a hard drive (internal or external), where it can be edited and processed.

The current version of Final Cut Pro runs on both Intel and power PC processors (minimum G4/1.25 GHz). It is compatible with many hardware interfaces.

These video editing suites are almost impacting over every individual along with movie maker, Film studio editors, too. And it seems to be true with such high end video editing applications. It is being a need of every person with video or camcorders in their handy cell phones.

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